7 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Reset After A Bad Day

7 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Reset After A Bad Day

As parents, we want our children to be happy. But we need to understand that life isn’t always perfect, and our kids can have bad days too. They can get into a disagreement with a friend, receive a poor grade in school, or just feel unhappy without any particular reason. 

It can be challenging to see your child struggling, but there are ways you can do to help them feel better after a rough day. Instead of trying to fix everything for your kids, give them some enjoyable activities to help them relax and reset after a tough day.

In this article, we’ll share seven simple ways to help your kids feel better.

Encourage Them to Talk About Their Feelings

Help your child learn to express their emotions by encouraging them to talk about their feelings. Children often find it difficult to put their emotions into words, but they need to learn how to do so.

Have an open conversation with your child about what’s bothering them and listen to what they’re saying without judgment. Ask questions that allow them to express their thoughts and feelings, like “How did that make you feel?” or “Why do you think that happened?”

Asking open-ended questions helps your child identify and understand their emotions better. It will also make them feel valid and heard, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

Use Creativity 

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Encouraging kids to be creative can be an effective way to help them relax and focus on more positive things. They can paint, draw, write, or craft using different materials. These activities can help reduce stress and encourage them to use their imagination and express themselves uniquely.

One way to inspire creativity in kids is to get them Purple Ladybug’s Shimmer Photo Frame Craft Kit. This kit provides all the materials your kids need to create a customized photo frame they can decorate with their unique style and design.

By engaging in this creative activity, kids can develop a sense of calm and find joy in creating something they can be proud of.


Snuggling with your child can positively impact their emotional health. When you hug or snuggle your kids, their brain releases oxytocin, making them feel happy and comforted.

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life and spending quality time snuggling on the couch with your child can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to bond. So, if your child needs extra love and attention, take a quick break from work, grab a blanket, and snuggle up together. It’s a simple but effective way to slow down and show your child how much you care.

Do Coloring Activities

girl doing coloring activity

Coloring is a timeless activity almost all kids love. It helps them unwind and destress and enhance their problem-solving skills as they experiment with mixing and matching colors to create their own unique artwork.

The best thing about coloring is that it’s a low-cost and convenient activity. Plenty of free printable coloring pages are available online, making it an affordable and accessible activity for all.

Promote Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can have detrimental effects on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. If you notice your child engaging in such behavior, taking action and encouraging positive self-talk is important.

One effective way to promote positive self-talk is by consistently speaking positively about your child. Encourage them to talk about themselves and their strengths, reminding them of past successes and achievements. This can help them build a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.

For example, if they say, “I’m not good at math,” encourage them to reframe the thought by saying, “I may find math challenging, but I can improve with practice.” Reinforce positive self-talk through daily affirmations and encouragement.

Spend Time in Nature

teens in nature

Connecting with nature can positively impact a child’s emotional well-being. When children are feeling down, a change of scenery can be what they need to feel better. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a hike in the woods, spending time outside can provide a welcome break from the stressors of everyday life.

Nature has long been known for its therapeutic benefits, and this is especially true for children. The outdoors’ sights, sounds, and smells can help calm the mind and ease anxiety. They benefit a lot from enjoying the sunshine, watching birds, or splashing in puddles.

Spend Quality Time Together

Spending quality time with your kids is one of the best ways to help them cope after a rough day. Whether it’s watching a movie together, going for a walk, or playing board games, the key is to give them your undivided attention and show them you care.

Quality time allows you to connect with your child on a deeper level, understand their struggles, and provide the support and love they need. You can also create new memories and strengthen your bond, which can positively impact their emotional well-being.

Wrapping Up

Encouraging your children to talk about their feelings, engaging in creative activities, spending time in nature, practicing positive self-talk, and spending quality time together are all great strategies to help your kids reset after a bad day.

You can help your kids develop the skills and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges by providing a safe and supportive environment. Remember to be patient and understanding and to seek professional help if needed.

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