Wax Craft Sticks for Kids: 5 Fun Ideas for Festive Creations

Wax Craft Sticks for Kids: 5 Fun Ideas for Festive Creations

Have you heard about wax craft sticks for toddlers and older kids? 

No? They’re great for tactile learning, they’re non-toxic, and they’re not messy at all. Your children can create just about anything with them.

If you aren't fully prepared with exciting kids' activities for the holidays, then you already know how difficult it is to keep the kids occupied and away from electronic gadgets.

Luckily, we have tons of exciting ideas that you can try with wax craft sticks to keep the kids happy and creative.

Wax craft sticks from Purple Ladybug will not only keep your children engaged, but will help create memories—which, let’s be honest, is the ultimate festive joy.

Indeed, there’s going to be even more fun around as you spend the holidays with wax craft sticks this year, whether you’re playing with your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews.


How to Use Wax Craft Sticks

Wax craft sticks are bendable and can be cut easily using scissors to create endless beautiful shapes and objects. 

Wax craft sticks come in a variety of bright colors. They stick gently to surfaces and come off easily leaving the surface clean.

If any residue is left on the surface, it can easily be wiped clean with a kitchen towel.

As shown in this video, they are versatile in terms of how they can be used in craft projects.

Wax craft sticks are not only fun—they have a number of benefits as a safe toy to play with.



Made for creative play

Improves fine motor skills

Simple and not labor-intensive play

Perfect for grandparents who can’t keep up with their grandkids

Made with nontoxic products

They’re safe to use

They are reusable

Since they are endlessly reusable, they are safe for the environment. 

Fun Creations with Wax Craft Sticks

Keeping kids busy as they learn to enjoy activities on their own is fun. Today, we’re going to learn how to make the following festive crafts:

  • Christmas trees
  • Snowflakes
  • Reindeer
  • Santa 
  • Snowmen

Each craft is fun and simple to create, and all the supplies you need are available at the Purple Ladybug online store. The creations can be used as festive seasonal decor or as gifts from the children to their friends or family members.

How to Make a Christmas Tree with Wax Craft Sticks

When you make Christmas trees from wax craft sticks, they can be used to decorate your actual Christmas tree. The children can give them to each other or stick them on a wall as a decoration.

To make a Christmas tree, you’re going to need:

  • Scissors
  • A popsicle stick
  • Brown, green, and yellow wax craft sticks

A child creating fun items with wax craft sticks

Follow the following easy steps to form a Christmas tree:

  1. Set the supplies listed above on a table, and invite the children
  2. Let the children create a triangular shape using green wax craft sticks
  3. Guide them to wind more green wax craft sticks around the triangle to cover it completely
  4. Using brown wax craft sticks, completely cover the popsicle stick—it's going to be the trunk of the Christmas tree
  5. Stick the green triangular part to the brown trunk—the parts will stick to each other well because wax craft sticks are sticky
  6. Draw a star template on an index card, or use the free printables available at PLB Fun’s online store 
  7. With the template, invite the children to create a star using yellow wax craft sticks
  8. Weave in more yellow wax craft sticks to cover the entire star
  9. Stick the star to the top of the tree
  10. Ask the children to decorate the Christmas tree with assorted wax craft colors to make it more vibrant.

You can repeat these steps with as many trees as you wish. The children can hang them on a special section of the wall as decorations or gift them to their friends. 

How to Make Snowflakes with Wax Craft Sticks

Snowflakes are perhaps the most beautiful element of the winter holidays. They make a great theme for kids' crafting ideas due to their beautiful shapes. 

To make snowflakes, we’re going to need:

  • Scissors
  • Blue and white wax craft sticks
Making different shapes with wax craft sticks from PLB Fun.

To make snowflakes using wax craft sticks, follow these steps:


  1. Place the craft sticks on a table and invite the children
  2. Using two wax craft sticks, make an X shape
  3. Take a third wax craft stick and cross it between the X shape so that you have six ends
  4. With the scissors, cut up some wax craft sticks into three parts each
  5. Then, ask the children to make V shapes with the cut pieces
  6. Stick the V shapes on the strands of the snowflake—they naturally stick to each other


Repeat this process with several snowflakes. The children can hang them on a wall or use them to decorate gift wrappers.

Assorted colors of wax craft sticks

How to Make a Reindeer Using Wax Craft Sticks

Santa’s flying reindeer help him deliver gifts, which is fascinating for children. They’re a fun reminder of the holiday season, and this is why it’s one of the best holiday-themed craft ideas for kids to try.


If you’d like to make a reindeer, you're going to need:


  • Scissors
  • Three popsicle sticks
  • Brown, white, black, and red wax craft sticks


Follow these steps to create a reindeer:


  1. Create an A shape with the three popsicle sticks
  2. Invite the children to stick the parts together using brown wax craft sticks
  3. Ask them to completely cover the popsicle sticks with the brown wax craft sticks
  4. Turn the A shape upside down—the triangular part is the head of the reindeer
  5. For the eyes, you can use black and white wax craft sticks or googly eyes
  6. Stick them on each side on the wider part of the triangle
  7. For the horns, use two brown wax craft sticks twisted a little on each side 
  8. Stick them on the top above the eyes on each side


The reindeer can be used to decorate the real Christmas tree. It can also be stuck on a wall.

How to Make Santa Using Wax Craft Sticks

When you picture the holidays, you can't do so without picturing Santa. He’s a symbol of selfless giving, and children love the fantasy associated with the holiday season. This craft is sure to ignite the festive spirit.

To create Santa, you’re going to need:

  • Scissors
  • Red, white, and black wax craft sticks
  • One popsicle stick

Follow these steps and create as many Santas as you wish.

  1. Place all the supplies on a table and invite the children to play
  2. Ask them to cover the popsicle stick with white wax craft sticks
  3. Use a white and a black wax craft stick to form Santa’s eyes
  4. Stick the eyes to the top part of the white popsicle stick
  5. Do not place them too high; leave some space for Santa’s hat
  6. Roll a red wax craft stick in a circular spiral to form Santa’s nose
  7. Cut a black wax craft stick with scissors, and invite the children to stick it to Santa’s face as his mouth
  8. Make Santa smile—don't place it upside down
  9. For the beard, cut small pieces of white wax craft sticks and ask the children to stick them at the bottom of Santa’s face, below the mouth
  10. Create a template for Santa’s hat using a triangle shape
  11. Ask the children to cover the triangle in red wax craft sticks
  12. Make a circle using white wax craft sticks, and place it on the top part of the triangle to complete the hat
  13. Stick the hat at the top of the craft, above the eyes, and you have Santa

You can repeat this to make more and use them to decorate gift boxes.

How to Make a Snowman Using Wax Craft Sticks

Do you want to build a snowman indoors? To do so, you’re going to need:


  • Scissors
  • Three popsicle sticks
  • Wax craft sticks of assorted colors


After gathering the items on a table, call the children to join you in making a snowman, and follow these steps:


  1. Invite the children to cover the three popsicle sticks with white wax craft sticks
  2. Place the covered popsicle sticks on the table or a tray and stick them together side by side 
  3. Use black and white wax craft sticks to make the eyes—googly eyes can work, too
  4. Stick the eyes at the top, but leave some space above them for the snowman’s hat
  5. Make a nose by creating a small circle using orange wax craft sticks, and place it below the eyes
  6. Give the snowman a smile using a black wax craft stick curved in a semicircle
  7. For the snowman’s hat, you can let the children choose one color or use an assortment of colors to make a rainbow hat
  8. Wind wax craft sticks around the top of the popsicle sticks to begin making the snowman’s hat
  9. Add more wax craft sticks horizontally to make the base of the hat
  10. For the top of the hat, make a square, and invite the children to cover it in wax craft sticks


There you have it: a snowman. 


You can select a special section of the wall for the children to hang their creations. You can also encourage them to give their snowmen to their friends.

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At Purple Ladybug, our joy is to see children engage in creative and happy games which improve their motor skills and allow them to express themselves.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Wax Craft Sticks?

Wax craft sticks are kids’ art supplies made of yarn coated in food-grade wax. The wax gives the yarn structure and also leaves it bendable and pliable.


Since the wax craft sticks are coated in food-grade wax, they’re non-toxic and safe for children to play with. They are widely used in art activities at school and can also be used at home.

What Age Group are Wax Craft Sticks Fit for?

Wax craft sticks are recommended for children ages four and up. However, for activities involving scissors, children will need the assistance of an adult.

How Do You Store Wax Craft Sticks?

To keep the wax craft sticks pliable, store them in a plastic tub with a lid. You can also store them in a zip lock bag. 

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