Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — 13 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — 13 Creative Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Valentine’s Day is all about love! And our kids can’t wait to celebrate it. Candy hearts, special notes, and time together as a family — what’s better than that?

If your kiddo is ready to decorate everything with pink hearts, check out our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts to keep the fun going all week long. If your child is anything like ours, you’ll be making sparkly, heart-shaped crafts for months to come.

Let’s get crafting!

Valentine’s Day Box Ideas

If your kiddo is doing a Valentine’s Day party at school, they’ll need a way to bring home all of their heart-shaped cards and gifts. Here are a few of our favorite “mailbox” ideas that are both simple and fun to create!

Jewelry Box

Perfect for kids and tweens

A jewelry box can make the perfect portable mailbox for your child’s valentines. Our Design Your Own Jewelry Box includes a wooden box, five different colors of sculpting clay (pink, purple, red, green, and white), and glittery gemstone stickers for extra bling! 

Bonus — your child can decorate it however they like! Hearts, flowers, dinosaurs — the only limit is their imagination. When they’re done creating, they have the perfect valentine storage box for their school party. And after party day, it’s a beautiful way to store all their trinkets and treasures!

DIY Paper Sack

Perfect for kids and tweens

These are a classic, customizable choice! Pick up some simple brown paper sacks, add crayons or colored pencils, and your child has a Valentine’s Day bag ready to go.

If you’re looking for something a little different, repurposed gift bags are a great way to carry their treats home. Check out these white or Kraft Paper Scratch Bags. Your child can color the bag and then customize the scratch paper note. 

What can they use the scratch paper note for? Whatever they want! They can draw a big colorful heart or leave a Valentine’s Day message for their friends. It’s an extra pop of color and fun to make their bag totally unique, just like them!

Personalized Reusable Bags

Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

Want a bag option they’ll use for more than one day? Check out our two favorite customizable bags!

No matter your child’s age, they’ll enjoy creating with the Iron-On Foil Drawstring Bag Craft Kit! The black bag makes the perfect backdrop for the shimmery foil accents. They can add their name, cut-outs of their favorite things, or just beautiful, shimmering designs. After Valentine’s Day, the bag can be used all year long for toting home school supplies or athletic gear.

Younger children will love decorating the mermaid, hearts, and unicorns on our Design Your Own Messenger Bag. After they brighten it up with the included markers (it even comes with a bonus color-in pencil case!), they can show off their colorful creation at school. There will be plenty of room for valentines. Then after the valentines are read, they can use it as a school bag or purse. It’s practical crafting fun!

Love-ly Cards and Notes

It isn’t Valentine’s Day without the cards. Keep your child’s valentines unique with new ideas their friends will love!

Scratch Notes 

Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes are a fun Valentine’s Day surprise. Younger kids can simply scratch the paper to reveal rainbow colors or shimmery silver underneath the black matte coating. Write a friend’s name, or draw a simple heart. Even a basic design will result in a unique card they’ll be excited to gift.

Your artistic tweens and teens will love creating more complex masterpieces. Check out our Instagram for some amazing inspiration, then watch them create something special. 


Perfect for kids and tweens

Kids love stickers! Not only are they great for decorating valentine’s cards, but they are also fun to gift with the card in lieu of candy. And our favorite thing about stickers — they’re mess-free! 

What are your kids’ favorite things? Dinosaurs, unicorns, pizza? Do they like puffy stickers or glittery ones? Whatever their preferences, you can find a set of stickers they’ll love. Check out our website to view our fun sticker collections, including 3D puffy stickers, Super Scent stickers, and our Giant Mega Pack with over 4,900 stickers!!! Decorate, gift, and still have plenty to spare!

Free Printables 

Perfect for kids and tweens

Coloring pages make the perfect valentines! Check out our special Valentine’s Day collection of printables here or explore any of our other collections to find the perfect match for your child’s personality. They’ll enjoy hours of coloring fun before gifting their masterpieces to friends. Awesome!

Trinkets to Gift

Would your kids like to gift something small to a few special friends this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got them covered!

Shrink Art Charms

Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

Get ready for some unique crafting fun! Your child can create barrettes or keychains to gift with our Shrink Craft Art Kit! It’s an amazing way to create original art for friends and family. Your child can use the included stencils, shrinky sheets, and coloring pencils to draw and color butterflies, dinos, fairies, hearts, or anything else they can imagine.

Once they are done creating, you help them bake their drawings until they shrink and harden, resulting in beautiful little charms. 


Perfect for teens

Has your teen rolled their eyes at the idea of doing Valentine’s Day crafts this year? Our candle-making kit may just change their mind! 

Our newest craft set will have your teen and their friends excited to craft! The Create Your Own Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles kits create amazing gifts. Each set comes with everything your teen needs to make six candles, including a variety of tins, colors, and scents!

Personalize a candle for each friend, or have them all over for a candle-making party! Turn on a favorite movie or the newest pop hits and host a teen-friendly Galentine’s Night. Crafting, snacks, movies, and music — what more could a teen ask for? 

Resin keychains

Perfect for tweens and teens

If your tween or teen is looking to add some extra sparkle to their Valentine gifts, check out our Photo Charms Craft Kit! This kit has everything they need to make beautiful photo charms — all they need is a pic of them and their bestie! Their friends will love the thoughtful, shimmery gift, and your kids will love making them!   

Valentine’s Gifts to Them, From You 

Think beyond the giant candy hearts and pull together a beautiful Valentine’s gift bag in a snap full of fun crafts they’ll love!


Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

Puzzles are one of the best family activities to share. Find one that speaks to your child and throw it in their gift basket. Then work through it together on a cold weekend, enjoying some hot chocolate and conversation. Perfection!

If you have younger ones, look for simpler puzzles to keep them entertained and confident. Our favorite is our Color-In Puzzle set. It’s two activities in one! They can color the puzzles (there are two 48 piece puzzles in each set!), and then put them together — over and over again! 

Personalized Water Bottles

Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

Water bottles are a practical gift that also gives your child a chance to show off their style. But did you know our water bottles make great crafts?

Our huge collection of water bottles and tumblers are perfect for your creative, colorful child! They can personalize each bottle to fit their unique personality — using stickers, color-in designs, or sparkling gemstones! One of our absolute favorites for Valentine’s Day is the Color-In Tumbler. The designs are vibrant and fun — a great choice for your tween! 

Picture Frames

Perfect for kids, tweens, and teens

This Valentine’s Day, gift your child a favorite family photo along with one of our Design Your Own Picture Frame kits! They can design their picture frame to fit their room’s vibe, then display their favorite memories. Even if your family picture gets replaced with friends, they’ll always remember the time spent crafting together.  

Lip Balms

Perfect for kids and tweens

Drop some fun science learning in their Valentine’s bag with our Craft Your Own Lip Balm STEM kits! These award-winning kits combine STEM and glam to create a totally unique gift!

Pick the set that best suits your child’s style. You can go simple with rainbow colors or add some extra sparkle with our lipstick-inspired fancy cases. Then watch them create kid-friendly lip balm with the simple, all-natural ingredients. Everything’s included in the kit — they can even flavor their lip balm with a variety of scents your kids will love!  

Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day!

Sharing gifts and experiences is one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your child! That’s one reason why we love crafting — it’s a gift and an experience all wrapped up in one affordable and fun package!

Shop our store to find a great variety of crafts for your kid, tween, or teen. It’s sparkly pink fun for everyone! 

And thank YOU for your love and support of our family business. We absolutely love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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