United Nations Day (FREE Activity Inside)

United Nations Day (FREE Activity Inside)

We live in a great, big, BEAUTIFUL world that is SO diverse! 🌎❤️

In every country and nation, there are amazing, unique traditions and histories – each of which makes this planet a richer, more incredible place!

In 1945, 50 countries came together to form the United Nations with the purpose of promoting peace and cooperation around the world.

Today, there are 193 countries that make up the U.N. and on October 24th each year, United Nations Day is recognized and celebrated across the globe!

There are lots of fantastic ways to celebrate United Nations Day – sometimes called International Day – with your kiddos! In fact, many schools hold parades, festivals, or other special events in honor of the day.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to share this special day with your family:

🌎 Create flags from different countries as a fun, educational craft. All you need is your Google search bar (or a good old fashion reference book), construction paper, scissors, and some glue!
🌎 Attend your school or town’s International Day parade, festival, or other events. If there isn’t one, consider holding a small celebration for family and friends yourself!
🌎 Try different dishes from around the world. Let your kiddos help you search for and create recipes from other countries. If you can, find a local market or store that specializes in international food to do your shopping in. Make it an adventure!
🌎 Go to the library and research facts and stories from other countries. Talk about the ways they are like your country and the ways they are different.
🌎 Play a game from another country! The internet is full of information and demonstrations of games that children play around the world. Why not bring a new one home to your backyard!
🌎 Grab and print this week’s activity sheets for even more international fun!

United Nations Day is a WONDERFUL chance to celebrate the diverse world in which we live.

It’s also the perfect day to remember that while there are many things that make us different, there are even more things that UNITE us! ❤❤❤❤



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