The Best Unicorn Arts and Crafts Gifts for Girls

The Best Unicorn Arts and Crafts Gifts for Girls

Unicorn arts and crafts are magical gifts for little dreamers. Your kids can unleash their creativity and explore their imagination through hands-on activities that enhance problem-solving and fine motor skills.

With unicorn-themed crafting activities, kids can immerse themselves in vibrant colors and create fantastic creations!

So, if you’re looking for fun, interactive, and cost-effective unicorn-themed gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Unicorn Headbands

style your own unicorn headband

Style Your Own Unicorn Headband is an all-inclusive craft that provides everything your kids need to create six unique unicorn headbands. Each kit comes with unicorn hair accessories for girls, including plain fabric, unicorn charms, glue, and detailed instructions.

These Style-Your-Own headbands are a must-have for any unicorn-loving girl because they can personalize their look and express their unique style. Your kids will have the creative freedom to mix and match fabrics, arrange the charms, and design her own unique unicorn headband for girls.

Unicorn SunGemmers (XL)

SunGemmers XL Unicorn

Unicorn SunGemmers combines the beauty of diamond art with the magic of unicorns to create a mesmerizing window sun catcher that adds shine and sparkle to every room!

Each kit includes an extra-large unicorn sun catcher design (12x10 inches), a color guide, double-sided mounting tape, and hundreds of gemstone stickers. It also comes in a ready-to-wrap box for easy gift-giving.

SunGemmers are a fun and relaxing activity that enhances focus, concentration, and fine motor skills. It also encourages patience and attention to detail as kids meticulously place each color sticker gem.

The suncatching gemstones add a touch of magic to any room, transforming it into a beautiful space.

This is an outstanding unicorn gift for girls, she’ll love to see it sparkle on her window.

Decorate-Your-Own Drawstring Bag

decorate your own drawstring bag

Decorate-Your-Own Drawstring Bag lets kids personalize the bag using the stencil, letters, or shapes made of shiny foil that comes in each pack. The shapes and letters stick to the bag when an adult irons them on.

It’s a fantastic gift parents and kids will love because it encourages creativity, screen-free time, and self-expression. Parents can bond with their kids when they decorate the bag, and once it’s done, it’s practical and can be used as a gym bag, activity bag, or trendy tote.

Each kit includes a high-quality drawstring bag, four foil colors (pink, turquoise, gold, and silver), metallic foil letters (gold, silver), stencil, and parchment paper. It also comes in a ready-to-gift box, so it’s perfect for gift-giving!

This bag allows for open ended creativity. So, if one sibling is into unicorns and the other dinosaurs, both kids will end up with a bag they love!

Glitter Gemstone Water Bottle

Gemstone water bottles

Kids’ creativity knows no bounds, especially when decorating their own water bottles!

Our Glitter Gemstone Water Bottle is a favorite among kids who love to add their personal touch to everyday items. With four sheets of sparkly rhinestone glitter gemstone stickers, including a whimsical unicorn design, the creative possibilities are endless!

Our water bottles are BPA-free, and the wide mouth design makes it easy to clean with a bottle brush. Its sturdy construction can also withstand the active lifestyles of children.

Each water bottle comes in an attractive ready-to-wrap box, making it an ideal gift to your favorite glitter-loving kid!

Kids will never mix up their water bottle with friends, and will be so proud to show off their personalized bottle! You can’t go wrong choosing this as a gift if you’re looking for unicorn crafts for girls ages 6-8.

Sticker Water Bottles

sticker water bottles

We have not one, but two water bottles that feature magical unicorn designs! Our Sticker Water Bottles include six sheets of trendy vinyl stickers, including letters, mermaids, unicorns, pandas, flowers, and more! It also comes with a carabiner so you can conveniently hang your bottle.

Like the Pink Glitter Gemstone Water Bottle, the Sticker Water Bottle is also BPA-free, has a wide mouth design for easy cleaning and a flip top making it easy for kids to use.

We have a second option for our sticker water bottles if you’re buying presents for more than one child. The second sticker water bottle comes with a blue top and the sticker themes include: pirates, sports, transportation, dinosaurs and more! Make siblings, cousins or friends happy by choosing the water bottle craft kit as a gift that best matches their preferences!

Our water bottles are all great for gifting and come in a ready-to-wrap box to proudly give to your kids, friends, nephews, or nieces!

Wrapping Up

Unicorns are magical creatures that inspire children’s imaginations. Our carefully curated collection of unicorn crafts brings joy, creativity, and endless fun to kids everywhere.

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion, these unicorn arts and crafts make extraordinary presents that’ll leave a lasting impression on your children.

Give the gift of enchantment and inspire a lifelong love for art with our unicorn toys. 

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