Toy Insider Award 2023: Purple Ladybug’s SunGemmers and Headband Making Kit Takes the Win!

Toy Insider Award 2023: Purple Ladybug’s SunGemmers and Headband Making Kit Takes the Win!

We’re so excited to share that our SunGemmers and Headband Making Kits won the Toy Insider Award for Best Spring and Summer Toys in 2023! 

We believe playtime is more than just entertainment – it’s an opportunity for kids to explore and express themselves. 

At Purple Ladybug, we’re honored that Toy Insider recognized our commitment to providing your kids with toys that encourage creativity, imagination, and endless hours of fun!

Read more to discover how our award-winning toys can help your child grow and thrive. 

What is the Toy Insider Award?

The Toy Insider is a trusted source for toy reviews and recommendations for kids of all ages. Each year, their team of experts tests and evaluates hundreds of toys to see which one offers the best play value, creativity, and fun.

The Toy Insider team looks at several factors: play value, skill building, quality, durability, lasting appeal, and safety. They also look at the toy’s ability to engage kids in imaginative and creative play.

Winning the Toy Insider Award for Best Spring and Summer Toys is a significant achievement in the toy industry and a recognition of a toy’s innovation, fun-factor, and value.

We’re beyond thrilled to have our SunGemmers and Headband Making Kits recognized as Best Spring and Summer Toys of 2023. It makes us more motivated to create toys that spark joy in kids all around the world!

Why Choose Purple Ladybug?

We love creating toys that inspire our kids to learn and explore. At Purple Ladybug, we know that playtime is an essential part of childhood, and the right toys can profoundly impact a child’s development.

Other than that, here are a few reasons why Purple Ladybug is the top choice for parents, teachers, and guardians:

Safety and Durability

Our toys are safe, promote creativity, and offer great value. We only use high-quality materials and test our products to ensure they meet international toy safety standards.

Educational Value

We understand that playtime should also be a learning opportunity. Many of our toys offer numerous benefits, such as honing problem-solving skills, enhancing motor skills, and promoting social and emotional development.

Creativity and Imagination

Our SunGemmers, Headband Making Kits, and other craft kits are designed to spark creativity and encourage imaginative play. From arts and crafts to STEM-based toys, we offer a wide range of products that inspire your kids to think outside the box.

Customer Service

We want to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, so we make it a point to provide exceptional customer service and friendly support to help you find the perfect toy for your little ones. We make it easy to shop here on our site, on Amazon (in different countries) and in amazing local select retailers. 


Our Award-Winning Toys

Aquarium SunGemmers

aquarium sungemmers 

Looking for the perfect summer toy? Purple Ladybug’s Aquarium SunGemmers are the perfect toy for you! This kit contains everything your child needs to create six sparkly window suncatchers with fish and coral designs, perfect for adding aquatic charm to any room.

This kit includes six die-cut designs, color guides, double-sided mounting tape, and hundreds of gemstone stickers.

What Our Customers Say About Aquarium SunGemmers

“My child had a blast putting these together! I did too! ” 


Flower Garden SunGemmers

flower garden sungemmers

Create a beautiful, unique window display with Purple Ladybug’s Flower Garden SunGemmers! It comes with various designs – a beautiful flower, butterfly, and mushroom.

This kit also has die-cut designs, color guides, double-sided mounting tape, and gemstone stickers.

What Our Customers Say About Flower Garden SunGemmers

I bought this gift for my 8 year old niece and she loves it. She loves to put things on the windows in her house so these were a perfect buy! The gems are bright colors and there were a great amount to choose from. Easy to use and not a messy project.

Keeps her busy for a while and I was able to join in and do it too! When the sun comes in, the colors shine and it’s so beautiful, and I love how happy she is to see her art come to life.

 I definitely recommend this product for kids who love to get creative and show off their work!”



Rainbow XL SunGemmers

rainbow xl sungemmers

Let your child’s creativity shine with our Rainbow XL SunGemmers. With its extra-large die-cut rainbow design (measuring 12 x 10 inches), this kit is sure to brighten up any window and inspire your child’s creativity.

This complete set includes color guides, double-sided mounting tape, and gemstone stickers, making it easy for kids to create their sparkling masterpieces.

What Our Customers Say About Rainbow XL SunGemmers

“Got this as a gift for my 5 year old niece. She absolutely loved making it and has it proudly hung in her room. Mom liked that it was an easy and containable project for a rainy morning as well.” 



Unicorn XL SunGemmers

unicorn xl sungemmers

Enter the world of magic with our Unicorn XL SunGemmers! This kit makes for a perfect birthday or holiday gift since it comes in an attractive, ready-to-wrap box you’ll be proud to give. Your child will love spending hours creating their own unique unicorn sun catcher.

The complete set has an extra-large die-cut unicorn sun catcher design, color guide, double-sided mounting tape, and gemstone stickers.

What Our Customers Say About Unicorn XL SunGemmers

Really nice craft for school-aged girl! I did it with my 5-year-old granddaughter and she loved it. And older child could do alone; she needed some help. Liked the many extra dots so we could change the design a little if we wanted. They stuck well and it looks great on her window. Highly recommend!” 


Flower Headbands

flower headbands

Our Flower Headband Making Kit is the perfect activity for girls who love designing and making their hair accessories. With everything you need to create six unique flower headbands, your kids will have a blast customizing their own hair accessories.

Each kit has 6 plain headbands, 3 decorative fabric strips, 38 cute flower and butterfly charms, 1 glue, and detailed step-by-step instructions.

What Our Customers Say About Flower Headbands

Ordered this for my daughter and boy was she happy! It’s her two favorite things in a box - headbands and stickers. There are 6 shiny glittery headbands with a bunch of floral and butterfly stickers. Headbands are good and sturdy, stickers do the job well as the glue is quite strong and sticks to the fabric on the headband.

Overall it would make a great gift for a young girl, its reasonably priced and the headbands can be personalized by the wearer. Can’t go wrong with this product!


Girly Headbands

girly headbands

If you’re looking for a fun activity for a playdate or small group activity for your little girls, check out our Girly Headband Making Kits! It’s an incredible gift idea for birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers, Valentine’s Day, Easter Basket stuffers, or any occasion! It also comes with a ready-to-wrap box.

This headband kit comes with 6 plain headbands, 3 decorative fabric strips, 39 butterfly, heart, and fruit charms, 1 glue, and a step-by-step guide.

What Our Customers Say About Girly Headbands

Got this for my daughter as a gift and she loves them she wears them everywhere. They were easy and didn't cause a mess with my assistance. They are colorful and once you allow them to dry fully the decorations stay in places. She got them for Valentine's day and they are still intact and it's been over a month now.” 


Mermaid Headbands

mermaid headbands

Your kids will love our Mermaid Headband Craft Kit because they can easily design, create, wear, and share trendy, mermaid-inspired headbands. It’s a fantastic activity for playdates, school, or small group activity, allowing kids and guardians to bond and share the fun!

The Mermaid Craft Kit comes with 6 plain headbands, 3 decorative fabric strips, 29 pretty mermaid charms, 1 glue, and a step-by-step guide.

What Our Customers Say About Mermaid Headbands

“I purchased this to give to my little niece for Christmas because she loves Mermaids & crafts. The quality is much better than I expected. Great gift!!! Very pleased!” 


Unicorn Headbands

unicorn headband

If you have a little girl who loves unicorns, this DIY Unicorn Headband Kit is the perfect craft activity for her! This kit includes everything she needs to create six unique and trendy unicorn headbands she can customize to her heart’s content.

The kit includes 6 plain headbands, 3 decorative fabric strips, 29 cute unicorns, rainbows, hearts, and star charms. Your child will surely have a blast mixing and matching the charms to create her own unique designs.

What Our Customers Say About Unicorn Headbands

 “This is surprisingly awesome! The glue sticks very well and the headbands are comfortable. My daughter loved creating these. Highly recommend.”


Craft Your Way Into Summer with Our Award-Winning Toys!

We take pride in creating crafts and toys that are affordable and enjoyable for the whole family. Our award-winning SunGemmers and Headband Making Kits are just what your kids need to welcome summer, and we’re glad the Toy Insider agrees!

You can buy our Headband Kits, SunGemmers, and other craft kits here or at our Amazon store: (and other international Amazon sites). 

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, @plbfun, for more innovative ideas!

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