Prismic™ Lanterns Win The Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toys 2024

Prismic™ Lanterns Win The Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toys 2024

We’re honored and excited to announce that our Prismic™ Dog, Unicorn, and Tabletop Heart have been named one of Toy Insider’s Top Summer Toys of 2024!

This prestigious recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting fun, safe, and high-quality experiences that spark creativity and bring families together. We’re incredibly thrilled and grateful for this honor, and we can’t wait to share the joy with you!

Throughout this blog, we’ll look into what this award means and explore how our Prismic™ 3D Lanterns contribute to a summer filled with imaginative and educational play for tweens, teens, and adults.

What is the Toy Insider Award?

The Toy Insider is one of the most esteemed recognitions in the toy industry. It’s backed by a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the toy industry. Throughout the year, The Toy Insider team meticulously reviews hundreds of toys, sifting through them all to create their coveted list of the season’s Top Toys.

Only the very best make it onto their seasonal Top Toys list, making our selection as Top Summer Toy of 2024 a true mark of honor.

The Top Summer Toys: Prismic™ Dog, Unicorn, and Tabletop Heart

Build-Your-Own Prismic™ Lanterns offer a unique and engaging way to spend quality time with your tweens and teens this summer!

Prismic™ Dog, Unicorn, and Tabletop Heart Lanterns are fun and challenging DIY puzzles you build into sparkly 3D lanterns that will fill any room with sparkle and shimmer.

Building the lantern together is a rewarding experience that fosters meaningful connections between parents and tweens. As you work on the puzzle, it challenges your tweens and teens’ spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and ability to follow instructions, making it a fun way to learn through play.

Prismic™ is a truly impressive craft when done. Your tweens and teens will be so proud to display their lanterns – and you’ll love it too!

Prismic™ comes in 6 different designs! The Prismic™ Star, Tabletop Heart, and Hanging Heart are the easier (but not easy!) Prismics™, while the Bear, Dog, and Unicorn are for more detail-oriented crafters.

Why Choose Purple Ladybug?

You’re always choosing winners when you shop at Purple Ladybug! Each award we receive is a testament to our dedication to innovation and passion for creating high-quality craft kits.

We understand how easy it is to turn to screens when the kids are bored – no judgment here; we’ve been there, too. That’s why we want to empower you and your kids with simple, fun, and safe crafts. Our craft kits are designed to encourage your kids to play independently, giving you a chance to relax. And when you’re ready to join in the fun, we also have crafts that bring the whole family together for shared creativity and quality time – like our Prismic™ line!

Thank you for always choosing Purple Ladybug! Don’t forget to check out our award-winning crafts!

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