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7 Exciting Ideas for 10-Year-Old Birthday Gifts for Girls

Is your daughter turning 10 soon? Are you finding it difficult to choose an appropriate birthday gift for your soon-to-be tween girl?

Being 10 years old is a tricky time of life. Maybe your 10-year-old girl still loves her dolls, while your friend’s daughter is starting to explore more teenaged interests.

Nonetheless, this girl is about to enter a new phase of her life and you and the rest of your family should enjoy celebrating her!

Whatever her interests, our list of 7 unique gift ideas for 10-year-old girls will spark your daughter’s creativity and delight her on her special day.

1) Mega Sticker Variety Pack

Mega Sticker Variety Pack
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Mega Sticker
Variety Pack

What it includes:

  • 6 Sheets of Sparkly Gemstone Stickers
  • 3 Sheets of Trendy Vinyl Stickers
  • 2 Sheets of Adorable Transfer Designs
  • 2 Pots of Glitter - Gold & Red
  • 1 Glitter Applicator Brush
  • 5 Sheets of Foil Transfer Film

What better gift to give to your 10-year-olds than a personalized sticker megapack with a ton of colorful and creative stickers?

Add the fact that this item was awarded the Toy Insider Top Holiday 2020 Winner and is even featured on the Toy Insider website — and you know you’re looking at a fabulous gift that your daughter will love.

If your child is an artist at heart, she’s going to be spending many happy afternoons sticking these cute stickers all over her room. Don’t be surprised if her room becomes filled with vibrant colors and fun designs!

Not only do the stickers brighten up white walls, but they’re also a great addition to your daughter’s favorite belongings. She can stick them to anything from bike helmets, diaries, binders, phones, water bottles, bikes, paper, beds, and laptops!

This sticker pack also comes with different types of stickers: Glitter Gem Stone, Vinyl PLUS transfer double-sided stickers that can be decorated with the included holographic foil transfers or glitter. 

Gift wrapping this set is also as easy as the compact box is ready-to-wrap. If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s fun for your girl — you can’t go wrong with this sticker set.

Looking to purchase? Buy it here.

2) Unicorn Piggy Bank Craft DIY Kit

Unicorn Piggy Bank Craft DIY Kit
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Unicorn Piggy

What it includes:

  • Porcelain Unicorn Piggy Bank
  • 2 Sheets of Fun Designs
  • Foil Transfer Paper
  • 2 Pots Glitter
  • Brush to Apply the Glitter

Do you want your 10-year-old girl to become financially aware at an early age? If so, we have the perfect gift idea!

This unicorn piggy bank craft kit is one of the best gifts for 10-year-old girls if you want to prop her up to be money-savvy later in life — and tickle her artistic side. It comes with oodles of crafting materials to really make it her own.

The porcelain unicorn piggy bank is decorated with a golden horn, a bright rainbow mane, and an equally colorful tail. It has a coin slot on top and a removable plug on the bottom when your child is ready to make a withdrawal.

Among all the gift ideas for 10-year-old girls on this list, this option encourages a positive habit while upholding the free-spirited creativity of your girls.

You can buy this unicorn piggy bank craft kit here.

3) Create Your Own Personalized Tumbler with Cute Stickers

Personalized Tumbler
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Personalized

What it includes:

  • 1 16 oz Tumbler With Locking Lid
  • 1 Flexible Straw
  • 2 Swappable Liner Sheets
  • 6 Sheets of Fun Trendy Stickers

With this amazing tumbler and sticker kit, your 10-year-old girl can create her very own personalized tumbler.

Both practical and artsy, this tumbler is handy for your daughter to stay hydrated while expressing her creativity!

Aside from serving as a fully functional cup with lid and straw, this gift comes with fun and adorable stickers that your 10-year-old girl can use to decorate her tumbler!

Find this awesome DIY tumbler and other great gift ideas here!

4) DIY Wooden Jewelry Box for Girls Craft Kit

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box for Girls Craft Kit
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Wooden Jewelry

What it includes:

  • 1 Wooden Jewelry Box
  • 5 Colors of Air Dry Spreadable Clay
  • 4 Sheets of Glitter Gem Stickers
  • 1 Sculpting Tool

All kids like to have somewhere special to store their treasures. Our Decorate Your Own Jewelry box is perfect!

It comes with a wood box, air-dry clay, stickers, and a sculpting tool to allow her to personalize the box however she wants... then store her treasures inside!

This jewelry box is one click away.

5) Mermaid Design Messenger Bag  

Mermaid Design Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Color Your Own
Messenger Bag

What it includes:

  • Large Durable Messenger Bag With a Sturdy, Adjustable Length Strap
  • Pencil Case
  • 10 Vibrant And Concentrated Coloring Markers

Let’s face it: kids are proud to show off their customized creations. And with our mermaid design messenger bag, it couldn’t be easier for a child to decorate and color an amazing gift that is also incredibly practical.

Aside from the 10 bright coloring markers that come with the kit, the bag itself is high-quality and durable with an adjustable strap and velcro-closure top. It is pre-printed with mermaid and unicorn designs and ready to color with the included markers.

The bag is also big enough to hold books or daily supplies. It’s perfect to bring along wherever your daughter goes — whether she’s bringing books to school or sleepover clothes to a friend’s house to watch Harry Potter.

Buy this awesome color-me-in bag here!

6) 12 Colors Hair Chalk for Girls

Colors Hair Chalk for Girls
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug 12 Colors
Hair Chalk

What it includes:

  • 12 Hair Chalk Pens That Can Be Used on Hair or as Face Paint
  • Applicator Wand to Make Hair Chalk Easier to Apply
  • Mini Comb to Ensure Hair Chalk Is Smooth in Hair
  • 1 Sheet of Glitter Tattoo Designs
  • 1 Pot of Glitter to Decorate Glitter Tattoos
  • Glitter Applicator Brush for Tattoos
  • 1 Pot of Body Glitter to Safely Use on Skin

Help girls practice some creative self-care with an imaginative hair chalk set!

This hair chalk comes with 12 different colors — empowering your child to practice her abundant self-expression with a temporary hair color change! Safe and washable, this hair chalk kit also comes with a comb, tattoo designs, and a glitter pot to add that extra oomph with your child’s unique designs.

It’s like her very own science kit — but for hair! It's also safe to use to draw on skin!

Plus, will work on any hair color, from light to very dark. 

With a ready-to-wrap box, this item is perfect for gift giving. Your daughter will be showing off her stylish streaks to friends!

Give the gift of vibrant color for your little girl’s hair here.

7) 36-Piece Scratch Paper Art Set

Scratch Paper Art Set
Source: Amazon | Purple Ladybug Scratch Paper
Art Set

What it includes:

  • 18 Sheets of Scratch Paper With Colorful Rainbow Drop Pattern Under the Black Matte Surface
  • 9 Sheets With Gold Metallic Foil Under the Black Matte Surface
  • 9 Sheets With Silver Holographic Pattern Under the Black Matte Surface
  • 4 Stylus-Style Scratchers
  • 4 Stencils

If your daughter loves drawing or doodling on her sketch pad or notebook, she will absolutely love this scratch art set. 

This scratch paper art kit offers extraordinary value with 36 sheets of high-quality, black-matte scratch paper. It's BIG and THICK unlike the scratch paper kits you might have purchased at a local shop that tend to have pages half the size of ours and can rip because they are so thin.

What's scratch paper? Use the enclosed stylus to scratch off the surface revealing beautiful colors underneath! It's a ton of fun for kids and adults alike.

Buy this special Scratch Paper Art Set here.

Want to Find More 10-Year-Old Girls Gift Ideas?

Searching for the perfect gift for your daughter is not easy.

Here at Purple Ladybug, we provide safe, high-quality, and innovative kids’ toys, craft kits, and gift bags.

We offer award-winning toys and crafts that cater to your child’s needs and challenges their creativity in a fun and educational way.

What sets us apart is that our toys are fantastic for enhancing creativity. And developing creativity at an early age comes with both social and emotional benefits.

Choose one of these ideas, or browse our site for other amazing gifts for the kids in your life!

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