Take your Outdoor Family Activities to the Next Level with Backyard Camping!

Take your Outdoor Family Activities to the Next Level with Backyard Camping!

Summer is getting into full swing and we hope you are enjoying lots of outdoor time! The sun is up earlier and stays out longer making it each day is a great opportunity to play. Kids are out of school and full of sun-filled energy. One tried and true summer tradition for many families is camping.  

Camping can be daunting to a parent that has never camped. Even parents who are experienced campfires know how much planning goes into each trip! When you add in all the equipment necessary to make such an outing comfortable, it might not seem worth the trouble. 


Enter backyard camping! This fun outdoor family activity is easy to pull off. Here are some family friendly tips and tricks to take your backyard camping “trip” to the next level! 


  • Where to sleep?  
  • If you have a tent, set it up wherever the grass is softest and fill it up with your sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and don’t forget any yoga mats, foam or an air mattress if you’ve got it. Remember, this is all about fun! 
  • If you don’t have a tent, it’s ok!  Check out this video from Kidspot to see a simple way to keep yourself covered outside! If you live where the dew is normal, try using tarps if you have them! 


  • What to do? (You can really get creative here) 
  • In a real campout, you are out in nature away from the conveniences of home. If your kids are really wanting that rugged adventure, create a scavenger hunt for them. Have them searching for nuts, leaves, bugs, and more!  You can even expand it to the whole neighborhood and get a “hike” in! Don’t for your water bottle! 

  • There are also a TON of great yard games. Everything is bigger and better outside.  You can be loud and a little competitive! If obstacle courses and relay races aren’t enough, check out this list of games from New York Mag that kids love to play! 
  • The last game you play should involve a treat to cool off! This homemade ice cream recipe from Happy Hooligans involves making the ice cream by rolling around the can. What’s better than playing with your food?  Eating it afterward!! 
  • If it’s possible where you are, having a campfire really ends the night right. Telling stories, singing songs together, and making s’mores make some of the best memories.  If it’s not, no worries, you can create a similar experience with flashlights in the tent when it gets dark. Plus, it will give you a chance to try out these unique s’mores recipes from Shared Appetite! 


  • What to eat? 
  • The camping classic of roasting hotdogs over the fire is always fun, but why not try a slightly different classic. Walking Tacos from Taste of Home are a quick meal with no dishes necessary! Fully customizable so that everybody will love them! 
  • Another fun backyard camping snack is watermelon. No knives or prep necessary, just crack it open and let everyone grab off a piece. Camping is supposed to be messy right? 


No backyard? You can still have fun with a “camp in” with all the camp food and activities we’ve found! Set up a blanket fort in the living and have at it. Let the imaginations run and pretend to be in a faraway place. You could even add night sounds from Past Tense to enhance the experience! 

We’d love to see your outdoor family activities this summer! Tag us @PLBFun on Instagram and show us the fun! You can find even more ideas on our Pinterest page! 

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