Gorgeous Gemstone Suncatchers

4 Gorgeous Gemstone Suncatchers for Windows

Suncatchers are fabulous crafts for kids that add art to your home and connect your kids to nature.

However, if you're planning a DIY suncatcher crafting experience from scratch, you’ll need to purchase quite a few different materials and do a lot of planning. Not to worry, we've got you covered! Purple Ladybug makes beautiful suncatcher kits with everything you need included in one box. Our craft kits are easy to use, and provide loads of fun.

Let’s explore the good times that kids will have with Purple Ladybug SunGemmer craft kits.

You’ll learn:

  • How our SunGemmer kits work
  • Benefits for kids who craft suncatchers
  • What groups are perfect for SunGemmers gifts

SunGemmers are Purple Ladybug’s take on suncatchers. We keep the process simple but take the artistic element to the next level!

With over 700 suncatching gemstone stickers, kids will create dazzling designs. The finished products are gorgeous pieces of window art that add splashes of colorful light to your home.

SunGemmer kits are intricate but come with easy-to-follow instructions. The work piece is a clear sheet that’s placed over a pre-printed design. Colored gemstone stickers are added as indicated by the pattern.

Once completed, double-sided tape is used to display the SunGemmer in a window, where it catches and transmits marvelous beams of color and sunshine.

Let’s take a closer look at four Purple Ladybug SunGemmer craft kits, fun for kids ages 6 and up!

1 - SunGemmers: Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

For your little ocean lover, check out the Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle SunGemmer kit. Imagination comes to life as these sea dwellers take their place in an ocean of colorful gemstones. 

mermaid, dolphin, and turtle SunGemmer craft kit from Purple Ladybug
SunGemmers: Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle

Mermaid, Dolphin, & Turtle SunGemmer Kit Includes: 

  • 3 pre-printed window designs: Create three separate works of art using the mermaid, dolphin, and turtle designs.
  • Over 700 stickers: Make use of the many colored gemstone suncatching stickers. 
  • All parts included: Comes with everything you need, including three color guides, double-sided mounting tape, and full instructions.

With a variety of blues, purples, reds, and oranges, the 700+ stickers create magnificent aquatic imagery. 

There are lots of suncatcher kits out there, but our gemstones are unmatched. They’re clear enough to truly catch and transmit sunlight, and they even sparkle. 

Kids delight in making such beautiful art. They’ll beam with pride after using their own two hands to transform a window into a magical ocean dreamland full of mermaids and sea creatures. 

Kids delight in making such beautiful art

"These are awesome. Tons of fun for all ages. The gem designs are beautiful. They look even better in the sun. 🤩" 
- W. K., ★★★★★ Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmer Verified Reviewer


2 - SunGemmers: Tree, Flower, & Flamingo

The Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmer kit provides everything your young artist needs to make three suncatching masterpieces. The nature-themed designs are rich and complex. With hundreds of colorful gems, each piece is one-of-a-kind. 

tree, flower, and flamingo SunGemmer craft kit from Purple Ladybug
SunGemmers: Tree, Flower & Flamingo

Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmer Kit Includes:

  • 3 pre-printed window designs: Create three separate works of art using the mermaid, dolphin, and turtle designs.
  • Over 700 stickers: Gemstone stickers that span the color wheel provide crafters with plenty of artistic freedom.
  • All parts included: This kit includes full, easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need to complete your crafts.

This set is perfect for kids who love and appreciate nature. Each of the three SunGemmers display marvelously colorful scenes from the great outdoors. 

When their creations are featured on a window, kids are super proud to see their SunGemmers catching sunlight and highlighting all of their hard work. 

"Creative fun… My great-granddaughter immediately set to work, smiling the whole time." 
- M. Vega, ★★★★★ Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmer Verified Reviewer


3 - SunGemmers: Sun & Rainbow

This SunGemmer kit features the perfect designs for suncatcher crafts: the sun and a rainbow. Each pre-printed window design captures the essence of nature in all of its colorful glory. 

sun and rainbow SunGemmer craft kit from Purple Ladybug
SunGemmers: Sun & Rainbow

Sun & Rainbow SunGemmer Kit Includes: 

  • 2 pre-printed window designs: Create two delightful pieces of window art using the sun and rainbow designs.
  • Over 700 stickers: With hundreds of gemstone stickers for each craft, fill in the sun and rainbow designs with lots of dazzling suncatching colors.
  • All parts included: Your kit includes everything you need to create SunGemmers, including clear and easy instructions.

The sun and rainbow SunGemmer designs are simply spectacular. Adding these crafts to windows brings splashes of color and joy into the home. Kids are so proud to know that they made something truly beautiful. 

"So fun to play with… our daughter got right into it - even took it to her grandparents’ house the next day to finish." 
- Danielle I., ★★★★★ Sun & Rainbow SunGemmer Verified Reviewer


4 - SunGemmers: Heart & Flower

Hearts and flowers represent love, joy, and growth. In two incredibly intricate, mandala-like designs, these two SunGemmers enable kids to create mesmerizing, museum-worthy pieces of window art.

heart and flower SunGemmer craft kit from Purple Ladybug
SunGemmers: Heart & Flower

Heart & Flower SunGemmer Kit Includes:

  • 2 pre-printed window designs: Create two suncatcher crafts with the heart and flower designs.
  • Over 700 stickers: Many different colors of gemstone stickers come together to fill the kit’s intricate pre-printed design.
  • All parts included: These projects might seem complex, but your kit comes with everything you need, including very easy-to-follow instructions.

For a tender-hearted kiddo who loves hearts and flowers, this SunGemmer kit is perfect. 

"Great craft kit! My eight-year-old loved this kit. It was simple enough for her to complete independently and came out beautiful." 
- Janet D., ★★★★★ Heart & Flower SunGemmer Verified Reviewer


What Kids and Their Families Are Saying About SunGemmers

At Purple Ladybug, we’re inspired by kids—and 100% committed to providing activities that spark creativity, joy, and connection.

Our goal with SunGemmers is to provide the very best suncatcher kits you’ll find anywhere. That’s why our kits come with everything you’ll need, including over 700 gemstone stickers.

Here’s what people are saying about Purple Ladybug SunGemmer craft kits:

  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Most popular with girls, but fun for any kids that enjoy crafting
  • Kits are easy to use and are great for keeping kids busy with crafts for lengthy crafting sessions
  • Compared to other kits, Purple Ladybug SunGemmers do an incredible job of actually catching sunlight and shining rays of light through the window 

What Sizes Are Purple Ladybug SunGemmers?

Purple Ladybug SunGemmers easily fit in most windows; it doesn't matter how the window opens as long as there's a space to hang the craft.

Here are the dimensions for each SunGemmer that comes in our four featured kits:

Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmer Tree, Flower, & Flamingo SunGemmer Sun & Rainbow SunGemmer Heart & Flower SunGemmer
6” x 6” 6” x 6” 8” x 8” 8” x 8”

Do SunGemmers Make Good Gifts for Kids?

A SunGemmer kit is a great gift. Your daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew will be so proud after creating a wonderful piece of shimmering artwork. Plus, PLB Purple Ladybug SunGemmers really do look fabulous on display, catching sunlight and bringing joyful color into the home.

Working on creative crafts like SunGemmers is a nourishing activity for a child’s mind, body, and soul. While having fun, they’ll be developing:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Self-expression
  • Pride in their crafty creation

Check out our Heart & Flower SunGemmer kit in action: 

"Got my granddaughter this for Easter and she loves it, it's the only thing she has wanted to play with, they're really pretty and look great in a sunny window." 
- Janet H., ★★★★★ Mermaid, Dolphin & Turtle SunGemmer Verified Reviewer

Fun and Beautiful SunGemmer Crafts for Kids

If you’ve tried other suncatcher kits, you might find that Purple Ladybug’s SunGemmers are a cut above since the sun actually sparkles through the transparent gem stickers. We’re so proud of our SunGemmers, and we know you’ll love them. 

Best of all, SunGemmers are affordably priced and can be enjoyed by your family!

What are you waiting for? Check out our full collection of SunGemmer craft kits and find the perfect gift for the creative youngster in your life. 

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