Suncatchers Make Good Birthday Gifts

Do Suncatchers Make Good Birthday Gifts? YES! 4 Ideas for Girls

Yes, SunGemmers make exceptionally delightful and creative birthday gifts for little girls and tweens.

We’ve all been there. You’re looking for a birthday gift for your little one, and you tell yourself, “This time, I’ll get her something thoughtful.”

But, what exactly is a thoughtful gift?

It’s a gift that your favorite girl will cherish—not just in the moment she gets it, but for something she’ll enjoy for a while afterwards. Ideally, it’s a long-term reminder of your affection and appreciation of her presence in your life.

Here’s why SunGemmers are thoughtful birthday gifts for your little one:

  • Crafting the suncatchers together will give both of you a memorable experience.
  • The crafting process will foster her developmental skills, such as attention, imagination, and communication.
  • She’ll feel proud to have her beautiful sun catchers displayed in the window.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the main reasons why suncatchers make perfect birthday gifts for young girls.

1 - Yes, Suncatchers Help to Develop Fine Motor Skills

flamingo, tree, and flower suncatchers on a window

Fine motor skills involve small muscles that work with the brain and the nervous system to control movement in the hands and fingers.

It’s essential for kids to have many opportunities to develop these muscles in their early years. That’s because they need fine motor skills to carry out crucial tasks such as writing, eating, and doing up their shoes.

Dr. Will Chien, an occupational therapist and an associate professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, states that fine motor skills in early childhood are related to basic daily activities, including toileting, drinking, and eating.

He advises parents to think of creative ways to provide kids with more opportunities to develop their fine motor skills.

What could be more creative than crafting lovely sun catchers?

As your little one uses her small hand muscles to come up with imaginative creations using the gemstone suncatching stickers, she’ll be honing her fine motor skills.

Another benefit of improved fine motor control is increased academic performance.

Research conducted by the Dominican University of California (2017) shows that fine motor skills are early indicators of future academic achievement.

According to the study, cognitive brain functions (mental processes that enable us to gather, store, and recover information) are activated at the same time that fine motor skills are used.

2 - Yes, SunGemmers Will Boost Her Confidence and Self-Esteem

The ability to craft beautiful suncatchers on her own will strengthen her self-esteem. To ensure she takes pride in her sun catchers, motivate her with genuine compliments.

For example, avoid overpraising her by telling her the SunGemmers design is perfect, especially if she feels it’s not. It’s better to say, “I know you might not be happy with how this part turned out, but now we can focus on making those changes in the next one!” She’ll be inspired to try something different in the next one.

You should also focus on praising effort instead of results. For example, you can tell her, “I love your hard work and determination.” With this kind of praise, she’ll learn to put more effort into anything she does.

suncatchers help to develop fine motor skills

3 - Yes, Crafting SunGemmers Improves Creativity

girl sticking rainbow and sun SunGemmers to a window

For so many parents, teaching kids practical life skills, such as following directions and respecting others, often takes precedence over creative thinking skills. However, encouraging your child’s creativity is also important.

When a kid is taught to think creatively they can solve problems more easily than one who follows strict rules when searching for a solution to a problem. Creative thinking is a skill that’ll serve your child far beyond her childhood years.

According to research studies conducted by Ege University 2019, teachers and parents should provide kids with material that sparks their imaginations. Parents need to also encourage kids to participate in creative games and activities.

Raising a creative child has been made easier thanks to our SunGemmers craft kits, which offer a fun and simple way to make amazing designs.

Here are a few tips to get your child's creative juices flowing with SunGemmers:

  • When she asks for help when crafting the suncatchers, don’t rush to help immediately. Instead, ask her to keep working towards completing the design by herself. Once she’s done, applaud her design and encourage her to make another one. With time, her designs will improve!
  • If you choose to participate in crafting the SunGemmers, follow her lead. Resist the temptation of guiding her and allow yourself to be a participant in her creative world. This kind of engagement communicates that you value and prioritize her creative space.

Expert Tip: Once your kid masters creating the sun catchers with pre-printed designs, encourage her to make her own color schemes without using the instruction manual. This will aid in the development of her critical thinking skills.

Creativity is the most liberating form of self-expression. For kids, nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than being able to express themselves without fear of judgment.

Dr. Ahsan Nazeer, an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine, advises parents to encourage their kids to express themselves freely. He states that children are born curious and eager to discover and explore their environment. They can only achieve this through self-expression.

Crafting the suncatchers will give your child an opportunity to express her inner thoughts and feelings freely.

4 - Yes, Crafting SunGemmers Helps Develop Patience

girl sticking flower and heart sun catchers to a window

Kids are not typically inclined to be patient, and this is always evident when you take them out to dinner at a restaurant, they find it challenging to sit still. It’s because they are controlled by their emotions and tend to prefer seeking instant gratification.

Kylee Money, a parenting consultant and the founder of Parenting Made Joyful, states that teaching patience is an ongoing task that needs to be done every day. She encourages parents to use games and crafts to teach their kids patience.

The good news is that when the concept of patience is learned early, it will not only teach delayed gratification but will also contribute towards improved relationship skills, such as listening actively and cooperating. 

Crafting SunGemmers requires patience. Although she might be tempted to rush through the first design or give up if it takes longer than expected, with time, her patience levels will increase. She’ll learn that good things take time.

Similarly, it takes time to develop concentration. At first, remaining committed to the crafting process without letting her mind wander can be difficult. But, with your continued motivation and the end design in mind, you’ll be surprised at how fast she learns to focus on her artistic vision.

“My 6-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy both enjoyed making these SunGemmers. They were easy to make and turned out very nice.” Janice Miller, United States

Gift Your Little One Glistening SunGemmers!

There’s nothing more valuable than the unbreakable and precious relationship you have with your child. An amazing craft kit makes the ideal gift to further cement this bond. 

Our lovely suncatcher craft kits make wonderful birthday presents to express your love for her.

In the following table, we compare the size and number of sun catchers in each craft kit to help you understand the variety we offer:

SunGemmers Craft Kit Name Measurement Of Suncatchers In Inches Number Of SunGemmers Per Kit
Tree, Flower, and Flamingo 6 X 6 3
Sun and Rainbow 8 X 8 2
Wolf, Eagle, and Cactus 6 X 6 3
Heart and Flower 8 X 8 2
Dolphin, Turtle, and Mermaid 6 X 6 3
Extra Large Rainbow SunGemmers 12 X 10 1

Combine that delicious birthday cake with our dazzling SunGemmers craft kits and watch your kid’s face light up with excitement.

At Purple Ladybug, our children are our inspiration. We’re dedicated to creating products that not only please and uplift our family, but yours too.

We never compromise on quality. Our sun catcher craft kits to prove this we have received two awards from family-focused organizations: The Toy Insider and NAPPA.

We guarantee that every Purple Ladybug box you open will unlock a world of creativity and enjoyment.

“This was a gift for my niece. She loved it. As soon as she opened the gift, she asked, can I play with this? I’m so happy I got this for her.” Maureen Connelly, United States

Check out our sun catchers craft kits collection and make her birthday memorable.

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