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7 Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas You Should Try This Christmas

Dutch children leave their wooden shoes and woolen socks filled with carrots for the white horse of Sinterklaas.

Puerto Rican kids tuck a box of hay under their beds for the Wise Men's camels.

Little ones in France find goodies in their shoes after leaving treats in them for Père Noël's donkey.

In China, muslin socks are hung by the beds of little ones for Dun Che Lao Ren (“Christmas Old Man”) to fill.

The tradition and fun of Christmas stockings is one celebrated by families around the world. It's a global celebration of the innocence and joy of childhood.

It's also accompanied by the global parental dilemma of "what to put in them?"

Purple Ladybug has an ideal collection of products that make the perfect stocking stuffers.

Boys, girls, young, and (dare we say it) even the older members of the family will all enjoy finding gifts from this list in their stocking, shoe, or sock!

1 - Stuff Their Stockings With SunGemmers

SunGemmers are a product that will help you keep your kids busy – and that they’ll be proud to show off!

Using hundreds of SunGemmers stickers, a full-color guide, and a clear plastic sheet with a pre-printed design, your child can create a unique gem art suncatcher.

The video below showcases our sun and rainbow kit, and gives you an excellent overview of what SunGemmers are.


One of the reasons SunGemmers make such great stocking stuffers is that many of the kits have more than one suncatcher per kit – or you can choose our giant SunGemmers, which have one extra-large design!

This means that if you have multiple kids to keep busy over the holidays, you can keep a bunch of girls and boys busy crafting. Who doesn’t need some screen-free distractions during the holidays? In today's economy, a craft kit that can keep multiple kids busy is something every parent and grandparent can appreciate!

We offer the following design sets:

  • Wolf, eagle, and cactus
  • Mermaid, turtle, and dolphin
  • Tree, flower, and flamingo
  • Heart and flower
  • Sun and rainbow
  • Giant rainbow

SunGemmers also offer your little elf an opportunity to create stocking stuffers for teachers, grandparents, and others. Imagine Grandma's surprise when she finds a suncatcher, made by her favorite young person, in her stocking on Christmas morning.

You can explore all of our SunGemmers on our website.

2 - Stocking Stuffer Sparkly Bracelets

Have a crafty little girl on your shopping list? More than one? Treat them to the fun of making their own liquid glitter bracelets.

The kit includes enough materials to make more than one bracelet, so you can once again get more bang for your buck. In this case, you get the supplies to make six sparkly glitter-filled bracelets.

For little ones too small to make their own bracelet (this kit is intended for ages 6 and up), a thoughtful and crafty parent or grandparent might want to purchase the kit and make the bracelets for them. After all, every girl loves a bit of bling in her Christmas stocking.

So, whether your girl would love making them or would love receiving the finished product, sparkly bracelets make an ideal stocking stuffer.

Here's another video, all about our jelly bracelet kit. Check it out!

Discover our sparkly bracelet kit for yourself.

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3 - Clay Create Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer Idea

Another product we've developed and are pretty proud of is our Clay Create Hair Clips kit. It contains 25 pieces that can be used to make up to 15 hair clips. It's safe and fun for girls 6 and up, and is a great stocking stuffer idea.

Again, you get a lot of crafting supplies for your money, so if there's more than one little girl on your list, there's no need to worry. Keep these as an activity to distract your kids on Christmas eve or during the day – there’s enough that many kids can make them!

It goes without saying that once again, a crafty adult could use the kit to make the finished clips for little ones too young to use the kit themselves.

We believe in family fun, for all ages. So whether it's spreading joy by gifting the kit, or having fun yourself and then sharing the finished clips, it's still family fun, right?

Here's a review from a grandmother who purchased a Clay Create Hair Clips kit in September 2022.

Clay Create testimonial

Experience the joy of Clay Create Hair Clips in our Amazon store.

4 - Stock Their Stockings With Stickers

What kid doesn't love stickers? We love stickers and are sad that we're too old to cover our day planners and desk pads with them.

That's why we offer a few different kinds of stickers for your sticker-crazy kids: puffy stickers and scented stickers.

Our puffy stickers come in a pack of 40 sheets with over 900 stickers or a mega pack of 80 sheets with around 2000 stickers. They're "puffy" (3D) and have many many designs in each box – with no repeat sheets! Some of the designs include hearts, dinos, bugs, faces, cars and trucks, and more.

Puffy stickers are among the best stocking stuffer ideas because they’re something every kid loves. They also come individually sleeved, so you can break up a pack and share it around, filling a number of stockings with one pack.

And since there are no repeats per sticker sheet, each stocking owner receives a unique gift.

Our scented stickers provide 645 scratch and sniff stickers on 45 individual sheets. The scents include:

  • Cherry
  • Banana
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Grape
  • Chocolate
  • Watermelon
  • Cake
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Corn
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry

With such a wide array of scents, there's sure to be some that appeal to every kid's nose. And again, you can divide them up among several stockings, spreading the joy and fun of decorating notebooks, lunch boxes, and other items.

Here's a video featuring our scented stickers. You can find the entire collection of our stickers on our website.


5 - Lots of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Girls All in One Place

Each year, Purple Ladybug puts together an Advent calendar. 2022's is especially made for little girls 6 years old and up. While it’s perfect as an Advent calendar, revealing one surprise each day, it can also be used as a goldmine of stocking stuffers, too.

Not all families are together every day. It's a fact of life for many children that shared custody means they spend some time in one household, and then time with their other family. This makes a daily Advent calendar difficult to keep up with.

Factor in grandparents who may only see the grandkids on weekends, or who serve as child care and don't see their grandchildren on Saturdays and Sundays, and you've got another situation where a daily tradition just isn't practical.

Whatever the case may be, purchasing a high-quality Advent calendar with 24 gifts included makes a perfect stocking stuffer idea. Where else can you find 24 craft kits, toys, hair accessories, and other goodies together for one low price?

And because it all comes from us, you know the gifts are high quality, tested for safety, and kid-tested, kid-approved, too.

Here's a review from a mom who purchased last year's Advent calendar – we love the part where she says it’s the best advent calendar she’s ever purchased!

Advent calendar review

You can find our 2022 Advent calendar for little girls through our Amazon store, too.

Here's a video showing all the goodies and fun inside this year’s model.

6 - Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Little Boys

We’ve got boys covered too! We offer a wide selection of fun and educational kits for the fellas in the family, including:

  • Crystal growing kits
  • Make your own water bottle
  • SunGemmers wolf, eagle, and cactus kit
  • Scratchy Scratch paper mini notes or notepad
  • Shrink Craft kit
  • Wax craft sticks
  • Holiday and Winter free printables

Here's a video showing the educational fun of our crystal growing kits. Let your little scientist loose on one this year.

 7 - Adult and Teen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Here at Purple Ladybug, we’re all about family fun, meaning fun for all ages.

We also realize that moms and dads, teens and "grown up" kids, and even grandparents may have stockings hung by your chimney with care. And we know that those stockings need filling, too.

That's why we offer craft kits for the older kids in the crowd, whatever their age. Here are some Purple Ladybug products to consider for them:

Soy wax aromatherapy candle kits

  • Beeswax food bags kit
  • Lip balm making kits
  • Resin craft kits
  • Our giant rainbow SunGemmers kit
  • Holiday gift bag kits
  • Mosaic photo frame kits
  • And more

You can find our holiday gift bag kits in our holiday section.

And one last video for you, featuring our soy wax aromatherapy candle making kits.

Let Purple Ladybug Stuff Your Christmas Stockings

We're more than certain you could meet all your stocking stuffer needs with our high-quality, creative, fun, and educational products. We've got nearly every member of the family covered. The table below shows you how with a sampling of our items. 

Possible Recipient Purple Ladybug Products
Girls (or any child!)
  • Advent calendar
  • Sparkly bracelets
  • Create Clay hair clips
  • Puffy or scented stickers
  • SunGemmers kits
Boys (or any child!)
  • Crystal growing kits
  • Puffy stickers
  • Scented stickers
  • Wax craft sticks
  • Wolf/eagle/cactus SunGemmers kit
Teens and Adults
  • Soy wax aromatherapy candle kits
  • Lip balm kits
  • Gift bag kits
  • Resin craft kits

Whether you set out boxes of hay for the Wise Men's camels or simply hang your stockings "by the chimney with care," we can help you fill the day with lots of fun, memories, and happy times to come.

Find all your holiday stocking stuffer ideas at Purple Ladybug today.

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