FREE Printable: Cootie Catcher "Step Right Up to a Carnival-themed Birthday!"

FREE Printable: Cootie Catcher "Step Right Up to a Carnival-themed Birthday!"

Step right up, folks, to the GREATEST SHOW on earth! Feast your eyes on this SPECTACULAR family event. It’s time for a CARNIVAL!

Whether there is one in your home town or you’re building one in your backyard, a BRIGHT, COLORFUL CARNIVAL is the perfect outdoor FUN for the entire family!

Carnival themed birthday parties are also sure to be a 🎪 BIG TOP 🎪 hit with your little one. From clowns to game booths to popcorn, it’s a mesmerizing experience for one and all. 

To plan the perfect carnival themed birthday for your kiddo, don’t forget these important elements:

🎪 Venue - Your backyard or the local park can be great, cost-effective choices!
🎪 Party Invites - Choose an invitation that looks like a carnival admission ticket.
🎪 Games Galore - Set up several game booths where kids can exchange their tickets for games with fun, cute prizes. Ideas include a ring toss, potato sack races, bean bag toss and more. There are plenty of options to buy, rent, or make yourself! Prizes can be as large or small as you’d like.
🎪 Food Stands – No carnival would be complete without the food! Popcorn, cotton candy, and caramel apples are just some of the choices that will be a hit with kids and adults alike.
🎪 Entertainment – It’s not a circus without a clown! Let a parent put on the make-up, funny wig, and that red squeaky nose to entertain the guests! (Very cost effective and memorable.) Or, if your kiddos aren’t too keen on clowns, bring in someone to make balloon animals or juggle.


Carnival parties don’t have to break the bank. With a friend as a clown 🤡, homemade games 🎯, and popcorn in bulk 🍿, this birthday could be a memorable AND affordable option for your family!

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