Screen-Free Fun: 6 Exciting Indoor Activities for Kids

Screen-Free Fun: 6 Exciting Indoor Activities for Kids

A study from JAMA Pediatrics published on January 30, 2023, shows that too much screen time for your kids may result in cognitive issues later in childhood.

Another longitudinal study in 2020 tracked the daily screen time of kids aged 4 to 8 and assessed their cognitive and emotional functioning. They found that too much screen time can lead to emotional dysregulation and affect mathematics and literacy for kids in school.

While technology has its place, it’s important to provide your kids with different activities that promote creativity, imagination, and physical activity. Involving the whole family in fun indoor activities like board games provides fun and entertainment and keeps ideas flowing and communication strong.

In this blog, we’ll share some of our favorite activities that will keep your kids engaged and entertained the entire night!

Arts & Crafts

Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Jewelry Box 

If your child has a passion for crafting, the Purple Ladybug's Decorate Your Own Jewelry Box is an ideal activity to nurture their creativity.

This super fun craft kit is suitable for children aged 6 and up. Whether they want to make a jewelry box or create a personalized storage box, this art kit has everything they need to explore their imagination.

Each set includes the following:

  • Wood jewelry box – perfect for storing earrings, necklaces, and more!
  • 5 colors of air dry, spreadable clay
  • Sculpting tool
  • 4 glitter gem sticker sheets

Puzzle & Games

purple ladybug color in puzzle 

Puzzles can be a great way for families to spend quality time together. They bring everyone closer, as they work towards the same goal, and the more people involved, the faster it gets solved!

Purple Ladybug's Color in Puzzles is an excellent option for your kids to unleash their creativity. This unique puzzle includes 10 markers so your child can color their puzzle before solving it.

And the best part? They can take it apart and assemble it as many times as they want, providing endless entertainment and creativity!

Music & Dancing

little girl dancing with dad

Music holds a special magic in the lives of children! It not only enhances language skills, but also improves coordination, making it a valuable asset in your child’s development

Playing musical games is not only fun, but it also introduces kids to the amazing world of music. They can make their own instruments with pots and pans or learn simple songs with hand clapping. 

These activities spark their interest in music and encourage them to explore its wonderful power and beauty.

Paper Crafts

kids paper crafts

Get creative with crafting using colorful construction paper, tissue paper, or origami paper! There are endless possibilities, from making greeting cards to animal masks to origami figures. Your kids can let their imaginations run wild!

Crafting not only teaches problem-solving and fine motor skills but also allows your kids to show off their unique personality through their creations. 

Join the fun and witness your child’s imagination flourish with each piece of art they make!

Here are some easy paper crafts for your kids to do at home:

Reading & Writing

little girl reading

Make reading and writing enjoyable for you and your children! Pick books with beautiful pictures and characters that are perfect for their age. 

If your child is learning how to write, our printable booklets provide step-by-step exercises for learning and practice.

As parents, we want to keep our children happy and engaged. That’s why we designed a delightful printable booklet with 100 pages of coloring, crafting, and games to enjoy as a family! 

STEM Activities for Kids Using Household Items

stem activities for kids

You don’t need fancy equipment to get your child excited about STEM! With just a few everyday household items, they can explore the wonders of science and engineering through DIY activities.

From building a bridge with popsicle sticks to experimenting with a pulley with an empty carton, these simple and fun exercises let your child learn while having fun. 

With help from parents and caregivers, kids can move beyond regular play and engage in activity-driven activities that promote their ongoing learning and growth in STEM.

Here are some fun and educational STEM activities that will keep your kids engaged while developing a love of and appreciation for science.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to keep your children entertained without resorting to screens. Arts and crafts, puzzles, reading and writing, musical games, and DIY STEM activities are just some activities your kids can enjoy indoors.

So, turn off your screens and try some of these activities with your kids today!

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