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Scratch Paper Crafts for Growing Creatives

Sometimes all it takes is some great new materials to bring fresh energy to your favorite classic activity.

That’s the case with scratch paper, which will have you and the kids excited about drawing.

Many children, and lots of adults, love drawing and coloring. But, for some of us, it can be challenging — ever try drawing a human nose?!

Scratch paper gives us an advantage at making something unique and extra-beautiful, and it brings an element of surprise into our artwork.

That’s because scratch paper, being black or another solid color on top, reveals a hidden layer of new color underneath. Just draw, or scratch, on the surface to reveal the bright or metallic pattern underneath .

Your entire canvas is full of color and character, and you choose how to unlock it!

Purple Ladybug has a wide variety of fun new takes on the scratch paper genre.

Feel a creative itch? Let’s scratch it!  

Scrap Paper or Scratch Paper — What Is a Scratch Pad?

fun scratch paper activity pack that doesn’t make a mess in the house
Scratchy Scratch Paper

Don’t confuse scratch paper with scrap paper.

Scrap paper is just leftover sheets or bits of paper used for jotting down notes and other minor writings. Some people  use the phrase “scratch paper” referring to these spare bits of paper, and there’s even a debate about which term is “correct.”

However, scratch paper also refers to the special crafty drawing paper that we’re here to discuss today. Making art with scratch paper involves using a writing implement to draw on the page by scratching away its softer, matte, outer layer.

Scratch paper usually comes in black or another matte color, with bright, vibrant colors or metallic pattern underneath. The top color and contrasting layer below produce magical works of art.

Are you or your youngster loving creativity, but still discovering your artistic confidence? Whether or not a child is the next Pablo Picasso, their creative inclinations should be encouraged. Art helps all of us to grow, learn, and express ourselves.

To that end, scratch paper is the perfect medium — it’s a super forgiving canvas that starts making something beautiful the moment your pen hits the page.

So, let’s have a look at a few of Purple Ladybug’s scratch pad offerings.

Scratchy Scratch Notepad

scratch paper and scrap paper with rainbow colors and patterns for young artists
Scratchy Scratch Notepad

The Scratchy Scratch Notepad provides 20 big, thick pages, sized 8.25” x 11”.

Each package includes the notepad, two stylus-style scratchers, and a free bonus sample pack with sheets of our popular stickers — including our favorite scratch ‘n sniff ones!

Having your scratch paper in notepad form makes it safe, sturdy, and easy to take on the go.

Best of all, under the black surface of each page is a colorful rainbow dot pattern. Watch your drawings come to life like you never imagined, with each scratch adding to your new creation. 

Multicolored Scratch Paper Art Kit Notepad

scratching tools and sticks to work off the coating of scratch scrap paper
Multicolored Scratch Paper

The Multicolored Scratch Paper Art Kit Notepad offers 30 pages in five different colors. The pages are 8.25” x 5.5” (A5 paper size), and, also included, are four stylus-style scratchers and a stencil sheet that will help kickstart some drawing ideas.

The notepad contains six pages each of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. That means you’ve got a wide assortment of background colors to choose from for each drawing. Then, start scratching the surface to reveal a pattern in a contrasting color underneath.

These super colorful sheets are great for artwork, but they also make for wonderful greeting cards, notes of encouragement, and inspirational message holders.

This pad is the perfect size for bringing along to a restaurant or wherever else a kid could use a few minutes of easy entertainment on-the-go. 

Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes: Rainbow Scratch Paper, Rainbow Holographic, and Silver Holographic

rainbow paper scrap note sheets for making art pictures and notes with
Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes

Looking for something more fun-sized? Our Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes are perfect.

These magic doodle paper sheets are blank novelty note cards available with backgrounds of rainbow, rainbow holographic, or silver.

Each pack includes 150 sheets of scratch paper and two stylus-style pens. The sheets are 3.5” x 3.5” — perfect for mini-artwork or small daily notes of encouragement.

Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes come in a nifty little open-top box that’s perfect for situating on the corner of your desk. Whenever a moment of inspiration strikes, just grab your next Mini Note sheet and start drawing or writing. 

Creative Activities for Kids and Parents to Share

colorful scratch art paper for drawing on with a stylus-style pen or pencil
Scratchy Scratch Notepad

At this point, it’s time we let you in on a little secret: scratch paper isn’t just for kids. In fact, you might want to buy a pack for yourself along with that gift for your son, daughter, or grandchild.

You see, we’re all artists. Sure, our skills might not be fine-tuned, but the art is inside of us. Scratch paper has a way of helping us find it.

Instead of working against our materials, scratch paper is easy to work with. And it’s not something you need to think much about beforehand. Just sit down and scratch a few lines, and watch the page start to come to life.

We know that adults and kids alike are loving our scratch paper. How do we know? Well, we read our reviews! Like this five-star note of appreciation:

“These are FANTASTIC! The bright colors add so much feeling to whatever I write. I’ve been leaving fun notes for my boyfriend, and just made a bookmark for our son… I never want to run out of these, EVER!”

Not every fun activity needs to be complicated, or expensive. Getting back to the basics, but with a fun new twist — that’s what scratch paper is for drawing.

For a relaxed and creative activity to try with the kids, check out Purple Ladybug’s full assortment of scratch paper sets.

All of our products are tested to ensure that they’re safe, high-quality, and can stand up to kids’ use.

Looking for some more gift ideas for the kids in your life? We’ve got a great mix of classic activities and exciting new ones, such as:

  • Crafts for water bottles and tumblers 
  • Glitter and glamour
  • Scratch-art gift bags
  • Scratch-art
  • Stickers
  • Christmas and advent crafts

Peruse the Purple Ladybug online store today for your next great gift. 

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