Purple Ladybug Crafts Make the List of Top Holiday Toys in 2023

Purple Ladybug Crafts Make the List of Top Holiday Toys in 2023

You can be sure to pick winners when you pick up our newly released crafts – Craft-Your-Own Pompom Purse and Craft-Your-Own Mosaic Photo Frame, because they just WON the prestigious Toy Insider Award for Top Holiday Toys in 2023! 

 At Purple Ladybug, we believe that playtime is not just about having fun – it’s a chance for kids to use their imagination and express themselves.  

We’re truly honored that Toy Insider has recognized our dedication to making toys that inspire creativity and provide your kids with hours of high-quality enjoyment and learning.  

What is the Toy Insider Award, and How Do They Choose Award Winners? 

The Toy Insider Award is a well-respected recognition in the toy world, helping parents and grandparents identify superb toys for kids. Their team of toy experts rigorously tests and reviews numerous toys each year to determine which ones offer the best fun, learning experiences and value for money. 

The Toy Insider team looks at how much fun a toy provides. Does it help kids develop new skills? Is it made with high-quality materials? Is it durable? How long do kids stay interested in it? And more importantly, how safe is it? They also examine how well a toy encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity. 

Winning the Toy Insider Award for Top Holiday Toys in 2023 is a big deal in the toy industry. It means a toy is innovative, fun, and a great value for kids and families. 

So, we’re proud to share with you that our Craft-Your-Own Mosaic Photo Frame and Craft-Your-Own Pompom Purse earned this recognition. These awards inspire us to keep creating toys that bring joy to your kids! 

Our Award-Winning Crafts 

Craft-Your-Own Pompom Purse 

pompom purse top holiday toys 2023

The Craft-Your-Own Pompom Purse is a tactile crafting adventure for older kids and tweens.  

Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to personalize your own purse, including a delightfully soft colorful pompom yarn ball, bag-shaping mesh, a metal chain cross-body purse strap, an artificial pearl handle, a plastic needle, a ball of sewing yarn, a metal crochet needle, metal magnetic clasps, and comprehensive step-by-step instructions. 

This is more than just a craft – it’s a stylish accessory your kids will love using! They can wear it as an over-the-shoulder bag or carry it elegantly as a handbag, ready to carry their treasures! 

Crafted from top-notch materials, we test our products in a third-party laboratory to ensure they meet toy safety standards, providing a safe crafting experience for your kids. It’s also an excellent way for kids to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while providing screen-free entertainment. 

Once done, kids can fill their soft, fluffy ombre pompom bag and take it on the go! 

Shop our Craft-Your-Own Pompom Purse here. 


Craft-Your-Own Mosaic Photo Frame 

mosaic frame top holiday toy 2023

Our Craft-Your-Own Mosaic Photo Frame offers a fun and easy introduction to mosaic crafting, allowing your kids to create an impressive craft you’ll be proud to display.  

It includes an array of vibrant multicolor mosaic shimmer pieces and all the necessary materials, like a durable wood frame, spreader tool, a sponge, plaster powder, and step-by-step instructions.  

This engaging, screen-free activity will keep your kids happily occupied, boosting their confidence and sparking their imaginations as they create their shimmering frames.  

Once complete, they can add a cherished photo of their favorite memory.  

This photo frame kit makes an amazing gift for your kids or grandkids. Alternately, kids LOVE putting a favorite photo in the frame and gifting it to their grandparents or friends! 

Shop our Craft-Your-Own Mosaic Photo Frame here.  


Why Choose Purple Ladybug? 

We get it – as parents and grandparents, life gets busy, and we sometimes turn to screens for quick solutions. No judgment here; we’ve been there too!  

That’s why Purple Ladybug is committed to empowering you and your children with solutions to keep your kids busy. As a family-run business, our goal is to make things fun, easy and create fun for your entire family.  

Our toys are designed for independent play, giving you some well-deserved me-time while your kids stay busy. But we also offer crafts that strengthen family bonds by crafting together, allowing you to connect with your kiddos over an activity.  

Whatever you need – we have something for you. To start, check out our winning Top Holiday Toys! 

Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your child’s playtime journey. We’re excited to continue inspiring young minds and fostering growth through play. 

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