New Award-Winning Toys and Crafts for Kids — Perfect for Holiday Gifting!

New Award-Winning Toys and Crafts for Kids — Perfect for Holiday Gifting!

At Purple Ladybug, we put loads of love and work into creating the best crafts and toys for kids and their families. And we are always thrilled when toy industry leaders recognize our products. We are excited to announce our newest awards from NAPPA — the National Parenting Product Awards.

We are honored to have some of our favorite new crafts and toys chosen by this family-focused company. Their mission is to find and showcase the best toys and family products. And they’ve been seeking out the best in toys for a long time — 31 years to be exact!

How does NAPPA choose their award winners?

NAPPA’s focus is on quality educational products that promote fun and learning:

“As our kids grow, we want them to have learning tools that are engaging and educational. And most of all, we want to have fun and connect with our kids.”

They have a panel of real parents and kids evaluate and test every product. These evaluators open the packages and then build, create, and play with the products. They thoroughly test every aspect before choosing their favorites. And then they award only the best quality toys, crafts, and gifts for kids.

Read on to see what they thought of our newest award-winning toys and crafts!

Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar 2021 — Winner in Holiday Cheer

Can you believe it’s already November!?! This year has flown by, and Christmas is coming up fast. But it’s not too late to grab our family-favorite advent calendar and bring a little extra Christmas cheer to your child this December.

The NAPPA panel loved the variety of gifts in our 2021 Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar!

“This very fun gift includes 24 small gifts to get a child ready for Christmas. It has a lot of  ‘girl’ friendly gifts such as ribbons, glitter, nail polish, bracelets, etc. There are also daily trivia and riddles that will begin on December 1st.”

“Young girls would love it and enjoy opening something everyday leading up to Christmas. The gifts are small and fun. The calendar is colorful and inviting.”

We know the holidays are a special time, so we pack as much fun as possible into our advent calendar. Every day in December your child can enjoy a different gift — gifts chosen to promote creative, imaginative play. And the whole family can enjoy the new holiday trivia as your child opens each day’s door. 

We work for months to find the best, on-trend toys, crafts, and accessories your kids will love. You can read more about how we source our advent calendar gifts. Then head to Amazon to buy your very own.

Create Your Own Beeswax Food Wraps — Winner in Healthy Living 

The Create Your Own Beeswax Food Wrap craft is one of our newest kits. Your child can create eco-friendly beeswax wraps to use as food storage. Our kit contains 100% cotton wraps and pure beeswax — all you need to create your wraps is our kit and an iron!

From the NAPPA parent panel:

“I love that it was super easy and that the product actually worked.”

“I think teenagers and environmentally-aware adults would enjoy this as a gift for the holidays.”

Yes! These earth-friendly wraps are fully functional and usable for up to a year. It’s a great way to go green with your family and reduce your household’s plastic waste. Fun, practical, and earth-friendly!

Click here and get your Beeswax Wrap Craft Kit now before the holiday rush!

Craft Your Own Lip Balm Kit with Jeweled Cases — Winner in STEM Kits

Our new Lip Balm kits are a unique way to bring a little science home! These kits include everything your child needs to create their own lip balm — olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax. We even include different flavoring for extra fun and personalization.

Mix, melt, and pour your lip balms into our jeweled bow-tie cases. Your child will love having a lipstick that looks just like mom’s. And you’ll love knowing it’s kid-safe and age-appropriate.

From the NAPPA parent panel:

“I liked how customizable it was, and how you were directly involved with the hands-on process of mixing the ingredients and pouring them into the mold.”

“It’s fun getting to mix all the ingredients and choose what flavor you want for your lip balm, and what case it can go in.” 

You can shop all of our lip balm kits here, including our glittery and classic lipstick-style cases. And if your child isn’t into the glitz and glam, we have our rainbow-colored assortment of 10 cases. No matter your child’s style, there’s a perfect kit for every kid! 

Mosaic Photo Frame Craft Kit — Winner in Custom Decor

Our Mosaic Photo Frame Craft Kit was a panel favorite! It’s a simple craft that’s full of fun. And the best part — your child has custom room decor when they’re done crafting! Here’s what the parents had to say:

“The materials are very well made. The directions are simple and clear and will provide a young child with a wonderful creative outlet.”

“The color scheme of the rocks are very pretty – the colors are gemstone colors, not just primary colors.”

“I think this will give a child a fun, creative way to make a gift for a family member or friend or for themselves. It is easy to do and no matter how they do it, it will look beautiful. The mosaics are colorful and glue on well.”

“The kids were able to do it independently without parent set up. It’s a great art project that allows them to be very hands-on without requiring a lot of skill.”

“The 9-year-old liked the ability to be creative. The 8-year-old says she liked the messiness. Mom liked that it was “deceptively” messy (thus actually being very easy to clean).”

This is the perfect gift for kids, from ages 6 to those hard-to-buy-for teens. The kit includes everything you need — the wooden photo frame, gorgeous mother of pearl shells, glue, and applicator stick.

We always strive to create products that have a long shelf life. This is not just a craft, but a memory that will stay on display for years. Head to Amazon to buy yours today!

Affordable crafts and toys for kids make holiday gifting easy

We love designing crafts and toys that your family will love. Award-winning, on-trend, and affordable — these gifts will thrill the kids in your life this holiday season. 

Don’t see the perfect craft for the kids on your list? Head to our Amazon store or browse here on our website to shop all of our amazing craft kits, scratch paper, stickers, and even gift bags! From stocking stuffers to surprises under the tree, your kids will be all smiles this holiday. 

Shop today to get ahead of the holiday rush. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Purple Ladybug! 💜

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