FREE Printable: Activity Pages "National Tooth Fairy Day!"

FREE Printable: Activity Pages "National Tooth Fairy Day!"

Thursday, February 28, 2019 is National Tooth Fairy Day -- a day that's all about taking care of your smile!

Did you know the tooth fairy first made her appearance about 100 years ago in a little booklet about how to care for your teeth?  The idea of the tooth fairy grabbed our imaginations and she's been around ever since!

But the idea of the tooth fairy is unique to English speaking cultures. Other parts of the world have different traditions. In Spain and some other Hispanic cultures, Ratoncito Perez or the tooth collecting mouse will exchange teeth left under a child’s pillow for a gift … not always money, unlike the tooth fairy! In Asia and some middle Eastern countries, kids are encouraged to throw their tooth to encourage new tooth growth. And in South Africa, kids leave their tooth in their slipper and in France there is also little tooth exchanging magic; it’s “La Bonne Petite Souris” who will exchange some money or candy for the tooth.

National Tooth Fairy day gives us an opportunity this week to remind our kids the importance of great dental care: brushing twice a day, flossing and choosing healthy snacks that are low in sugar. 

Use our FREE printables below to start the conversation with your kids! (Just right click and Save to your computer to print)

 And let us know, does the Tooth Fairy visit your house or do you have another tradition when your child loses a tooth? How much does the Tooth Fairy leave?


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