FREE Printables: Mother's Day Activity Sheets " 💗 Happy Mother’s Day!! 🌷 "

FREE Printables: Mother's Day Activity Sheets " 💗 Happy Mother’s Day!! 🌷 "

Although there was never any doubt, these past couple months of quarantine have shown us just how incredible moms are. 

Moms around the world have been wearing even more hats than normal lately, so this year make sure to go above and beyond for the mamas in your life on Mother’s Day. Staying safe at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate big!! 

Here are some of our favorite ideas to honor moms at home this year... 

💗 Make a special brunch of Mom’s favorites 
💗 Set up a family picnic in the backyard 
💗 Plan a fun treat to bake together (and take care of clean up too!) 
💗 Pick a vase full of flowers for her 
💗 Play all of her favorite games or watch one of her favorite movies 
💗 Let Mom sleep in! 🙂 
💗 Create cards and homemade artwork – check out this week’s FREE printables for ideas!  

Those homemade gifts really are the best keepsakes – and we’ve really got you covered this week with a MEGA-PACK of FREE printables – all sorts of Mother’s Day letters, templates, coloring sheets and more. This week it’s all about Mom! 

How are you celebrating the day? Tell us in the comments or tag us in stories @PLBFun. 

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