Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts She’ll Love

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 10 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts She’ll Love

Mommies, you know we love you, but this one’s for your spouse and kiddos, so click away — you don’t want to ruin the surprise! 

(If you’re anything like us, we’re guessing you didn’t click away, and you know what? That’s okay — we won’t tell if you don’t. These cute and easy Mother’s Day crafts are so fun, you can even create them with your little ones to build more memories on your special day).

Now, spouses and kiddos, let’s get to it! 

Mothers are truly a treasure. They play an enormous role in shaping our lives — most people would say their mother is their hero. Hey, same here! That’s why we’re sharing 10 creative ideas (aside from the usual breakfast in bed) to gift to the amazing moms in your life! 

10 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Crafts

It can feel impossible to choose the right gift for mom — how do you show your appreciation for a whole year of love in just one day? 

You want to get her something that reflects just how grateful you are to have her. We get it! That’s why we created this list of simple, homemade Mother’s Day crafts perfect for gifting. Moms love thoughtful, handcrafted, personalized gifts, and you’ll have a blast creating them. 

1. Craft a Candle Just for Her

Candles are a great gift for Mother’s Day! They last for weeks (sometimes even months), and they’re the perfect addition to mom’s self-care routine. The next time mom needs some calming alone time, she can light your personalized candle and think of you. 

Our DIY candle-making kits are for adults, but kids can totally help pick out the colors, tins, and scents to make them special for mom. Each kit includes six metal tins in creative patterns, high-quality soy wax chips, three calming fragrances, and more. You can give her the kit and craft the candles together. Or gift her the completed candles and some sweet-smelling relaxation. We have three kits for different aromatherapies, including: 

Unlike other kits, our wax is created from a renewable resource that burns clean. All mom has to worry about is finding the time to relax and enjoy them.  ;)

2. Personalize a Jewelry Box 

Moms love to display their little one’s art projects. This jewelry box is a fun craft for kids, and once completed, it makes a perfect gift. Mom can enjoy a high-quality keepsake box crafted from her child’s imagination. 

The craft kit includes everything a child needs to creatively express their love for mom. And the wooden box is perfect for storing her rings, earrings, bracelets, or other special trinkets. This is a creative gift mom will cherish for years to come.

3. Customize a Photo Frame

Mommies love many things and one of the things on the very top of that list is photos! Especially family photos. Our photo frames can be personalized just for mom. Once you’re done customizing, put mom’s favorite picture inside.

Want to make it even more special for mom? Write a note on the back of your photo, and then place it in her new frame for a lovely surprise. This is a thoughtful gift any mother will love. We have two unique, customizable frames. Explore them both, and pick the kit that best suits mom’s style.

4. Create a Unique Photo Charm Keychain

More photos for Mom! Trust us, mommies love pictures — especially ones they can carry with them. These unique keychains make the cutest, most thoughtful, and creative gifts. 

This kit uses resin, so it’s intended for ages 14+. Younger kiddos, be sure to grab an adult to help you. Then create a photo charm with your face or favorite mom moment. Mom can carry her new charm on her keys or purse, keeping you and your memories close even when you’re apart. 

5. Make a Photo Coaster

For another fun photo gift, check out these customizable photo coasters. This craft is fun to match to mom’s personality and style. You can include pictures of her favorite animal, vacation spots, or a family photo you know she’ll love. 

This kit also includes resin, so adults need to do the crafting to ensure safety. Mom wouldn’t want you getting hurt making her a gift! So choose the photos, then grab a grownup and create something beautiful she can use for years to come.

6. Shrink Art for Her Keys or Purse

Shrink art is another fun way to add to mom’s keychain or charm collection. This kit includes everything you need to design your shrinking artwork. Make charms that say “I 💗 U!”, design colorful rainbow art, or create magical unicorn jewelry. The ideas are never-ending! This kit has so many shrink sheets that after gifting mom her new personalized shrink art, you can design a few more together.

7. Scratch Paper Gifts

There are tons of gifting possibilities with our fun scratch paper! Check out scratch paper gift bags to write an special Mother’s Day message. Or grab a stack of scratch paper and draw a special picture for mom. Scratch paper also makes for a unique and fabulous Mother’s Day card!

And don’t forget our Scratch Mini Notes. Use these to create little messages to spread all over her room. Or create a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt for mom using these creative little notes. The ideas are endless!

8. Create 3D Flowers and Hearts

Make your own flowers and hearts with colorful wax sticks to create a beautiful bouquet. This gift is more fun and affordable than ordering flowers — and these crafty flowers will live a lot longer too. ;) 

These wax sticks have 15 colors and 300 sticks total — plenty for a cute bouquet. This is a wonderful way to craft a display of your love on Mother’s Day.  

9. DIY Planter

Whether mom has a green thumb or not, she likely enjoys the beauty of flowers and plants. Having plants around has been shown to lower anxiety, helping people feel more calm and relaxed. And what mommy wouldn’t love that!

All you need for this craft is a ceramic or concrete planter, polymer clay, palette knife, and an oven — so, yes, adult supervision is required. You can find all the instructions for mom’s new planter here.


10. DIY Mom Booklet 

Need a quick and easy last-minute gift? Grab this Mother’s Day activity booklet for FREE! Color the pages and fill out what you love most about mom in the included All About Mom activity. This is a thoughtful gift that can also double as a Mother’s Day card (just in case you haven’t made her one yet).  ;) 

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Amazing Moms

We appreciate moms every day of the year, but sometimes we forget to express just how much. Make this Mother’s Day a little more special by gifting her these easy Mother’s Day crafts she’ll cherish and adore. The only thing mom will love more than her family photos is spending quality time with her loved ones. 

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at PLB!

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be making these Mother’s Day activities with or for mom. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @plbfun to show us your thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. 

Happy Crafting!

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