May Gift Guide: How to find (or make) the perfect gift for mom or gift for graduation!

May Gift Guide: How to find (or make) the perfect gift for mom or gift for graduation!

Spring is in full force and May brings more sunshine and flowers around for everyone to enjoy. This May also brings Mothers Day! And for some, the end of the school year too... and with that, graduations! We love to celebrate our moms and graduates, but finding the perfect gift can be challenging.  


The perfect gift for mom might be a day to herself or maybe it is spending it with all her kids in the same place again. The perfect gift for graduation might be a small gift honoring the graduate’s accomplishment or a big one helping them as they journey into adulthood! 


No matter what you do, a gift given with love is the best choiceThat still entails getting (or making) a gift, so here are some ideas! 


Gift for Mom 

  • Surprise photo box from the Craft Patch Blog 
  • Digital collage or slideshow 
  • Photo album 
  • Hobby time: Does your mom have a hobby that she loves spending her time on?   
  • Get her supplies for it! 
  • Get her a gift card to her favorite place to shop 
  • The Gift of Service: Moms sometimes have a hard time asking for help with all the chores that need to be done.  
  • Create a Coupon book of all the things you think she needs help with. Use our FREE PRINTABLES for ready-to-go coupons! 

  • Surprise her with a clean house on Mother’s Day! 
  • Gift a Cleaning Service 


Gift for Graduation 

  • Kindergarten: Heading off to “big” school is exciting and daunting.   
  • Prepare them with new school stuff like a matching backpack and lunchbox. 
  • Fifth grade: No less daunting, heading to middle school is full of emotion. 
  • Organization gifts like planners or velcro binders will help them be successful in Middle School! 
  • If they are into a specific sport or activity, you could get the supplies for that! 
  • Eighth grade: High School is a new step with more freedom waiting...and a lot more responsibility. 
  • Gift cards for new clothes  
  • Locker decoration/organization 
  • Journals 
  • Photo Album from activities throughout middle school 
  • Empty photo album to fill for High School 
  • High School: Entering adulthood is scary with so many paths to choose.   
  • Journals for writing down all those big thoughts. 
  • Cash for laundry, books, home supplies 
  • Cleaning supplies for their first place (or dorm room) 
  • Planner for keeping track of college classes and job schedules 
  • Make a Scrapbook filled with memories of friends and activities 


Once you have chosen the perfect gift for mom or graduation, we have the perfect gift bag to wrap it up in!  Personalize your bag and hand it over with confidence that all your love, gratitude, and pride are shining through! 


No matter what gift you choose to give, the love you have for your mom or graduate will shine through!  We hope this gift guide has gotten the creative juices flowing in your search for the perfect gift for mom or gift for graduation! 


If you need more ideas, check out our Instagram @PLBFUN or our Pinterest boards! 

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