Learning to Read is Fun with These Sight Word Games

Learning to Read is Fun with These Sight Word Games

Do you remember learning to read? Did it come naturally or did you have to overcome some challenges? 

There are many approaches to learning to read, but no matter which one you take, there is some memorization involved when learning English words. Words like “the” don’t follow the rules and are very common. So, teachers have come up with a list of “Sight Words” that kids can memorize to help them read the stories written at their level. 

Sight words are just that; words that you know by sight. Our kids who are learning to read need to know these words, but sitting and reviewing flashcards is not most kids’ idea of a fun afternoon. In fact, it has been shown that playing while learning actually helps kids learn and retain information better! Our brains just love making connections while playing! 

We’ve compiled some fun games to play while learning to read using those sight words!! 


  • Sight Word Hopscotch: Draw out a Hopscotch board and instead of numbers use the sight words!  Throw your rock onto the words in order and have your child say the words as she or he jumps on them!  



  • Password of the Day: Kids love passwords!  Make a password for something they need every day (maybe their favorite snack or to go outside), write it big, tape it on the door (or pantry), and have everyone in the family say it when they want that thing. 


  • Eat Your Words: This fun activity can be done with whip cream, frosting, peanut butter, or edible cookie dough. Each day practice the sight word of the day by writing the word with your finger (or drawn out with a toothpick) in a thin layer of yumminess and then say the word and gobble it up! 


  • Memory: The ultimate flashcard game in disguise.  Create double of each card and play memory.  Make sure to say the words when they come up and get so excited if they match!! 


  • Tag: Turn this fast-paced game into sight word practice by putting sticky notes on your backs and telling the child to tag a word.  When they touch you, stop and let them read the word they tagged (or just pick one to read if they missed), swap places and you get to chase! 


  • Hide and Seek: Similar to above, instead of you going to hide, hide sight words throughout the house.  Have the child collect the words and say them each time they find a new word. 


  • Scavenger Hunt: Take a ride to the store (or anywhere) with a list of their words on a clipboard.  See how many words you can find all around the store. 


  • Play Catch: Using a Sharpie, write the sight words on a ball and throw it back and forth!  When you catch it (or pick it up), read the word that is facing up! 


  • Put together a puzzle: Write the sight words on the backs of puzzle pieces to simple puzzle.  As they read each word, flip it over and add it to the puzzle! Our Purple Ladybug Color In Puzzles would be extra fun because they can color it in before or after it’s built!! 


  • Note of the Day: Write a short note (1-3 sentences) using the sight words of the week every day.  Have them circle the sight words after you’ve read it together (with their favorite color of course!) 


  • Make a board game: Write the words on each space and use dice to hop your piece to the end reading the words you land on.  You can find a free printable here. 

Don't forget to grab this week's FREE printables, an Alphabet Trace & Color for kids to enjoy.

There are so many ways to help your child learn to read!! Sight words are a big part. Reading aloud to your child is also enjoyable and beneficial.  Reading in front of your child and setting an example is also very important.  When you put all these things together, your child will learn to read.  The more you repeat and play, the more it will sink in! 


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