Kids’ Crafts: An amazing incentive to reduce screen time

Kids’ Crafts: An amazing incentive to reduce screen time

In today’s world, time in front of a screen fills more and more of each day. Between school and work, most people face a screen to get things done. Add in social distancing, and screens become necessary for socializing and maintaining our community too!  


Now winter weather has rolled in, and playing outside has become colder and often, for shorter periods of time. How do we keep our kids’ screen time to a manageable level, as recommended by doctors? 


Kids’ Crafts!! 


A great way to get your kids off of screens is to have family crafting time. Kids can create beautiful creations, even useful things, and use their brains in new ways!  Manipulating craft supplies with their fingers and hands will refine their fine motor skills. Creating what they see in their mind’s eye promotes creativity and self-expression. 


So grab paint, crayons, paper, scratch paper and maybe some stickers and get ready to let their imaginations go wild. If your kid is resistant to replace their favorite TV show or video game with arts and crafts, here are tips to help you draw even the most hesitant child.   


  • Set a specific time to craft

     Whether every day or once a week, making kids’ crafts a regular activity will make it expected and important for your kids.  When it becomes part of the schedule, kids will get excited to discover their next opportunity to create! 
  • Create a display corner, wall, or shelf

     Kids get a huge boost to their confidence and self-esteem when we display their creations with pride. Plus, you gain unique decorations for your house that will be talking pieces for everyone who visits! 


  • Create a crafting space

     This gives you a place to store all the craft supplies, gives them easy access when it’s the designated time or whenever they want to craft independently. Plus you can suggest crafts when kids complain of boredom and you’re done with screen time for the day!  


  • Craft together

    Spending time crafting together is an excellent opportunity to make memories. You can compare ideas. They can see how different people can think differently. Plus, sitting side-by-side at a table together give kids an opportunity to talk about topics that might be uncomfortable for them in a more direct conversation – it's a fantastic opportunity to talk about whatever’s on either of your minds.  


  • Make something useful

    Kids love being able to use the things they make. Crafting something useful like our Purple Ladybug Color-in Tumbler will allow them to bring it with them everywhere! 


  • Make a gift

    Making someone they love a gift can inspire some beautiful crafts and creations! They may just surprise you with a beautiful new decoration or pencil holder! Our Purple Ladybug Decorate Your Own Photo Frame is an amazing gift when given with a photo of the recipient and the creator on display! 
  • Create while moving

    For those kids that just need to move, there are crafts where you get to move your body, like rolling marble through paint or creating large pictures with sidewalk chalk or on a wall.  This is an opportunity to be creative AND make something! 


Crafting brings great joy to families! It is beneficial for kids and adults alike! When you craft and get their creative juices flowing, you will see relaxation take place. You can often see your kids settle in and concentrate.  


Depending on your child’s age, this might only last for a few minutes. That’s ok! Keep it small as you are starting out.  When you make the crafting time a repeating practice, the time they are engaged will lengthen as the crafts become more complicated.   


Don't forget download this week's FREE printables! 100 pages of fun and educational arts and crafts activity sheets for your kids to enjoy! 

In addition to using their imagination and creativity, their brain’s logical side will be tested. The kids will figure out how to make things work the way they anticipated and establish patterns. Your kids will benefit from using their brains in a different way than screen time allows for because they will be using more of their brain and body simultaneously.  Kids’ creativity will start to flow, and you might even find them crafting without having to direct them at all. 


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