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Kids’ Advent Calendars: 5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying

The holiday season is filled with timeless traditions, from the carols we sing to the cookies we bake. One of the joys of the season for many families is introducing the youngest family members to those age-old traditions. And creating new ones with them, too.

An Advent calendar can be a fun and rewarding holiday tradition for both the young and the old.

Taking the time to slow down, reveal each day's surprise, and enjoy it can bring joy and pleasure in what can be a stress-filled, overly busy time of the year.

Choosing the right kids' Advent calendar for your little elf is a big part of its success or failure, a major factor in adding delight to dark December nights.

Today, we're discussing five factors you need to consider before buying a child's Advent calendar. Those five things are:

  • Age-appropriateness
  • Gender-considerations
  • Safety and safety compliance
  • Fun-filled and enjoyable
  • Budget-friendliness

By the time we're through, you'll have a good idea of what to look for when making that all-important pre-holiday purchase. Let's get into it, then because December 1st will be here before you know it!

1 - Is Your Advent Calendar Choice Age-Appropriate?

When choosing a kid's Advent calendar, the first thing you have to consider is the age of the child or children who will be using it.

Advent calendars vary in how suitable they are for different kids’ ages. There are advent calendars for every stage of childhood to teens.

Check the packaging what ages an advent calendar is suitable for.

You may also find markings like the one below, signaling that a product is not appropriate for children under a certain age.

age warning symbol

Regardless of recommended ages, it's also important to consider your child's abilities, preferences and maturity level.

To make sure that your Advent calendar choice is the right one for your favorite young person, make sure to look for the age recommendation and then take into consideration their ability levels. You'll be more certain to choose one they can actually enjoy.


 2 - Is Your Kids' Advent Calendar Gender-Specific … and does it matter?

Any 11 year old might be absolutely crazy about Harry Potter and enjoy a Hogwarts related Advent calendar. Likewise, lots of 3 year olds enjoy Baby Shark. STEM activities appeal to kids, regardless of gender.

You need to know the preferences of the child you’re shopping for. Both girls and boys love dinosaurs, but some toys tend to appeal to some kids more than others.

With a wide range of Advent calendars to either purchase or make yourself, you'll want to consider what your small human would like best. Here are some questions to help you narrow down your options:

  • Is there more than one child in the family?
  • Is it a mixed bunch of boys and girls?
  • What's in the calendar?

Even if there are all girls or all boys in the family, if there's only one toy or treat per day, it can create a situation where one or more siblings feel left out. Would it be a good idea to purchase more than one calendar and choose ones that are best suited to the individual children’s preferences?

This Advent calendar contains craft kits, makeup, jewelry, hair accessories and more. However, we also offer craft kits and free printables that are suited to kids who don’t enjoy the gifts in our advent calendar. They include:

The video below shows off our crystal growing kits, perfect for science-lovers of all ages and genders!

3 - Is Your Advent Calendar Choice a Safe One?

You want to ensure your child’s advent calendar is tested for safety.

Not every toy maker is scrupulous when it comes to the safety of the toys they produce and sell. Purple Ladybug takes your children’s safety extremely seriously.

Our products are safety tested and compliant with national and international standards.

We encourage you to look for safety seals and compliance declarations. The marking "ASTM F963-17" (it’s on our products) will show compliance with U.S. toy safety standards.

4 - Is Your Kids' Advent Calendar Fun?

Once we get past the necessary considerations of age, gender, and safety, another thing we have to examine is the "fun factor" of your chosen Advent calendar. After all, if it's not going to make for at least a fun opening experience, what's the point, right?

Consider the child’s abilities, and their interests. A younger child might gleefully play with a single new toy for hours, while an older tween would get bored with that toy in much less time.

Advent calendars that provide for more "creating" can make for hours of fun as well as years of memories.

Spending the evening making something, perhaps even a gift to give to someone on Christmas morning or a decoration to hang on the tree, is going to be remembered long after the thrill of opening the day's calendar window is over.

5 - Is Your Advent Calendar Budget-Friendly?

Every time you turn around, it seems like there's another drain on the family budget. The cost of everything seems to be creeping up, and that may have some parents and grandparents concerned about expenses this Christmas.

That brings the value of your kids' Advent calendar choice into consideration. So many are filled with cheap plastic toys or poor quality candies. You want an Advent calendar that's worth the price.

We get it. We understand. We have worked to offer you superb value with this Advent Calendar.

That's why both the price and the quality of the items included in our Purple Ladybug 2022 Advent calendar are a major concern for us.

We've packed the calendar with high-quality, safety compliant items. We've also kept the price at a point that offers you high value, while keeping the memories made and fun times experienced as priceless treasures to hold onto for years to come.

Purple Ladybug's Kids Advent Calendar: The Perfect Choice

We've mentioned before that our kids Advent calendar is recommended for kids age 6 and up. It ticks all sorts of boxes, as the table below shows.

Things To Consider Purple Ladybug's 2022 Advent Calendar
Age-appropriate 6 years and up
Gender-specific Intended for kids who enjoy makeup, jewelry, craft kits and supplies, and fidget toys
Tested for child safety
Fun and exciting

Here at Purple Ladybug, everything we do comes from our desire to make products we love to use with our own children (and they can’t WAIT to open this year’s advent calendar!)

Our Advent calendar is no different. We've put a lot of time, care, and thought into its design and everything that is included.

Here are some reviews from previous year's kids Advent calendar customers. This year's calendar is our best one yet!

Purple Ladybug testimonial

Purple Ladybug testimonial

We hope your little one enjoys a Purple Ladybug Advent calendar this holiday season, whether it's their first one, or you're continuing a tradition you've been practicing for years. Check it out today. Your child will love the fun and memories our Advent calendar provides.

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