How to Make Suncatchers: Step-By-Step

How to Make Suncatchers: Step-By-Step Craft Kid Guide for Tweens

Suncatchers are beautiful transparent art pieces that can be attached to windows to bring light and color into your home. Creating these very attractive crafts is a fun and rewarding activity for kids and tweens ages 6 and up. 

There are all sorts of DIY suncatcher ideas, however, you’ll need quite a few supplies to build your own suncatcher from scratch. 

To make suncatchers fun and easy, Purple Ladybug offers complete SunGemmers craft kits. Each kit includes materials to make two or three unique fabulous suncatchers. 

SunGemmers are perfect gifts for crafty youngsters. They help kids feel pride in their craft creations, and develop their fine motor skills. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this how-to guide:

  • How to make Purple Ladybug SunGemmers 
  • How Purple Ladybug SunGemmers compare to DIY suncatchers 

SunGemmers kits include all the pieces and materials you’ll need to make gorgeous suncatchers. Each kit comes with a complete set of easy-to-follow instructions to help kids work through the following steps. 

Step 1 - Place the Clear Plastic Sheet on top of the Pre-Printed Design Sheet

When you open up your SunGemmers kit, you’ll see:

  • 2 or 3 pre-printed window designs (varies from kit to kit)
  • 1 color guide that corresponds to each window design
  • Over 700 gemstone sun catching stickers
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Full instructions 

After you’ve laid out your materials, the first step is to line up a pre-printed window design with its corresponding color guide. 

The window designs are clear plastic sheets featuring a central design, such as a dolphin, tree, or flower. The color guides are white sheets with colored dots indicating where to place the gemstone stickers.

pre-printed color guide and clear plastic sheet for suncatcher craft
Source: Purple Ladybug YouTube

When you place your window design on top of the color guide, you’ll be able to see through the clear plastic. This makes it easy for kids to know where to place the gemstones. 

To secure the two pieces together during Step 2, you can attach a few pieces of tape on the sides or corners, holding the two sheets together and attaching them to your work surface. 

"Bought this for a birthday gift. It was a big hit! Great, beautiful colors. Affordable and shipping was quick." 
— MaryLee S., ★★★★★ Tree, Flower & Flamingo SunGemmer Verified Reviewer

Step 2 - Attach the Gemstone Stickers to the Window Design

Once you’ve lined up and secured your window design and color guide, it’s time to apply the gemstone stickers to the window design! 

Most of the time spent working on SunGemmers is devoted to this step—it’s a pleasant and contemplative process. 

Kids can work at their own pace. It’s perfect for youngsters who love engaging in creative projects but appreciate tasks that provide plenty of built-in guidance. Of course, they can also choose to create their own designs!

photo snippet perfect youngsters who love creative projects

SunGemmers gemstone stickers come attached to small backing sheets, grouped by color. The stickers easily peel off and then stick to the window design sheet, with no extra adhesive materials required. 

attaching yellow gemstone stickers to a SunGemmer craft
Source: Purple Ladybug YouTube

Each kit includes two or three individual SunGemmers, and each Sungemmer comes with hundreds of gemstones. 

With so many bright and sparkly colors, kids love bringing their artwork to life, one gem at a time. The process isn’t complicated, but it does require concentration and some fine motor skills. 

"Loved these! Great project for kids. The colors are vibrant and they hang easily in the window." 
— Rachel C., ★★★★★ Tree, Flower & Flamingo SunGemmer Verified Reviewer

Step 3 - Use the Double-Sided Tape to Display Your SunGemmers DIY suncatcher

After applying all the gemstone stickers to the window design, it’s time for the photo finish. Kids beam with pride when they see how lovely their suncatcher artwork turned out, and parents and grandparents love putting SunGemmers on display. 

placing a SunGemmer craft on display on a window
Source: Purple Ladybug Youtube

To post a SunGemmer to a window, use the small squares of double-sided tape that come included in your craft kit. 

Simply attach one tape square to each corner, then remove the adhesive strip. The tape is transparent and doesn’t block the sunshine or make a mark on the SunGemmers suncatcher craft. 

"Great craft kit! My eight-year-old loved this kit. It was simple enough for her to complete independently and came out beautiful." 
— Janet D., ★★★★★ Heart & Flower SunGemmer Verified Reviewer

PLB SunGemmers vs DIY Suncatchers

Here at Purple Ladybug, suncatchers are one of our favorite art projects. We developed SunGemmers so that this craft can be purchased in one complete package with easy-to-follow instructions that lead to amazing results. 

colorful Purple Ladybug SunGemmer suncatcher craft displayed on a window

Along with the convenience of having a complete set, Purple Ladybug SunGemmers have beautiful popular designs and are extraordinarily unique when completed.

Lots of suncatchers currently on the market don’t quite transmit sunshine. The light shines through the clear sections, but the gems aren’t transparent like ours. 

For our SunGemmer kits, we use high-quality gemstone stickers that allow sun to pass through, showing through as the color of the gemstone sticker. 

If you’d like to see for yourself and to have a look at the how-to steps in action, check out our video:

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about SunGemmers or to place an order, click below for our SunGemmers product pages:

SunGemmers are one of our favorites, but we’ve got so many more fun crafts to show you. Visit our full products page for more great gift ideas, such as Scratchy Scratch Papers, Glitter Décor, and more. We even have craft project supplies for teens and adults.  

For more how-to guides and Purple Ladybug news, keep reading our blog

See below for answers to a few frequently asked questions about SunGemmers and PLB shipping. 

What age group are SunGemmers designed for? 

SunGemmers are recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

How are Purple Ladybug SunGemmers packaged? 

Our SunGemmer kits come in cardboard boxes that are perfect for gift-giving. They’re ready-to-wrap! Each box contains a complete kit for making two or three SunGemmers. 

How big are Purple Ladybug SunGemmers? 

Completed square SunGemmers suncatchers are either 6” x 6” or 8” x 8”. SunGemmers easily fit into open spaces on windows. SunGemmers stay fixed on windows using the double-sided tape that’s included in each kit. 

How fast is Purple Ladybug shipping? 

Choose your shipping options at checkout! We offer different speeds of shipping at different prices with all orders over $30 to addresses in the USA get free shipping. For more info, visit our shipping page.  

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