Heart-Warming Family Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts Activities

Heart-Warming Family Valentine's Day Arts and Crafts Activities

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this special day of love than with family bonding through fun arts and crafts activities! Whether you have little ones just starting kindergarten or older kids who are out of the house, getting creative together is a great way to show your children how important they are to you. Whether it's an easy paper-folding project for younger kids, or something more advanced like creating unique Valentine's cards for teachers—there’s sure to be something that everyone in the family can make and enjoy. 

Check out these lovely suggestions – let your imaginations go wild, gather some craft materials, and create beautiful crafts while spending quality time together!

Handprint Valentine Craft

Photo from: The Best Ideas For Kids

Creating the perfect Valentine’s Day card has never been so easy. A handprint Valentine Craft is the ideal way to make a special card for that special person. Kids love this craft as it is simple enough for them to do on their own and personalize it with heartfelt messages. This also makes a great card for other occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day or even just because! Making the hearts gives children an opportunity to practice drawing while improving their motor skills. 

Get the tutorial here: https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/handprint-valentine/

Scratch Art Notes

Purple Ladybug Scratch Mini Notes Rainbow

Leaving thoughtful notes and messages is a great way to show love and affection on Valentine's Day. Scratchy Scratch Mini Notes from Purple Ladybug are a fun and creative way to do just that. These mini notes come in various bright colors and designs, ready to be personalized with a special message!

Express yourself this Valentine's day and make someone you love happy with Purple Ladybug's Scratch Mini Rainbow Notes!

Sungemmer Heart & Flower Suncatchers

Purple Ladybug Heart & Flower Sungemmer

A great way to get kids into crafting is with Purple Ladybug's SunGemmers gem art suncatcher craft kit. The perfect DIY project for a special Valentine's Day gift that both girls and boys alike can make with ease. The kits include all the necessary materials to create an eye-catching window display without having to worry about hassle or mess, or complicated crafting! Great for 6 year olds and up, these fun suncatchers are sure to surprise their loved ones this Valentine's Day!

Talk to Children About Acts of Kindness

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Valentine's Day and February provide a great chance to discuss the importance of love beyond romance, such as kindness and respect. Introducing children to the concept of showing kindness to others can result in improved emotional health and self-worth leading them to healthy friendships. A great way to help kids understand what it means to show appreciation is through activities like a Jar of Hearts Craft Activity where they can make cards for their family members or friends that express non-romantic love.

Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding fun and age-appropriate crafts for your kids can be a challenge. Let Red Ted Art lend a helping hand with this beautifully simple salt dough footprint keepsake. Using non-toxic salt dough, parents and children can create a unique and precious memento, making use of their child's physical traits to ensure that it truly is one of a kind.

To make it you press your child's little foot into some salt dough – easy-peasy! The result is more than just cute - it'll become a lasting reminder of when their feet were actually that small! An amazing keepsake from a toddler’s Valentine celebration!

Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

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If you have young kids, then why not turn Valentine's Day into a fun craft project with them? When crafting any Valentine's gift with the kids, it's important to find an activity they can enjoy and stick with. Making a simple paper heart is a good option that doesn't take a whole lot of materials or time. All you need are two different colors of paper: one for the body of heart and one for the legs/arms. Have your child cut out the full heart in their desired color and then 4 strips in the other color for legs and arms which will be folded accordingly into an accordion. Before you know it, your Valentines gift from the little ones is complete.

Once these steps are completed, this heart character will become animated and your child will feel great satisfaction from their first crafting experience on Valentine's Day. Find tutorial and helpful tips here: https://simplytodaylife.com/easy-valentines-day-heart-craft/

Pop-Up Heart Card

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Give your loved one an extra special Valentine this year with this unique pop-up heart card. Start by creating two paper hearts from a 3 1/2 inch craft paper square. Fold in half and cut out the shape, leaving a small portion on each side intact. Next, fold a larger 5 1/2 x 8-inch rectangle in half widthwise and trace the heart again along the center of the fold, then cut it out. When complete, you should be able to open it flat and push out the heart shape at the middle. Finish by gluing both hearts onto a larger piece of card stock, adding a message inside and trimming around the edges for an attractive border effect. Now get creative and use glue to attach one of your paper hearts to the pop-out heart, together with any messages or decorations you like! You'll have an original Valentine's Day card for your loved one in no time. This activity is not only a fun way to show love and affection on Valentine's Day, but it also encourages your family to get creative and share their feelings with one another. It's a great opportunity to bond, laugh, and create special memories together.

Read the whole tutorial here: https://www.parents.com/holiday/valentines-day/crafts/easy-kid-crafts/

These fun and creative crafts that you and your family can enjoy this Valentine's Day. So, get creative, bond with your family, and have a heart-warming Valentine's Day!

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