Have a Digital Free Day! Activities for kids to keep them busy...and off screens!

Have a Digital Free Day! Activities for kids to keep them busy...and off screens!

Summer is practically here and after a school year filled with digital this and that, you’re probably ready for some fun in the sun with your family! Our kids may not be quite as thrilled at the idea of giving up their electronics, but see if you can challenge them to pick a day and stick to it. There are so many things to do that don’t involve screens – here are some suggestions for a fun digital-free day!  

  • Play in the water! Whether the kids are jumping through a sprinkler or spraying each other with water guns, playing with water is so much fun!  Here are a couple of unique water play ideas! 
  • Read! A great downtime activity that can transport you to another world! Pick a new chapter book to read out loud together over the summer. Challenge your kids to make it through their summer reading list for school early. Make your own reading list together or check out the local library’s version. 
  • Do a Craft (or two)! It’s no secret that we love crafts here at Purple Ladybug and a digital free day is a perfect time to knock out those kits that the kids got for birthdays or holidays. If you are out of kits (or just want to try something new), check out our Resin Kit or Shrink Craft Art Kit! 

  • Build Something!  There are so many creative ways to build inside or out!  Here are some of the fun things we found. 
  • Grape Sculptures (from Artful Parent) are super creative and double as a fun snack too! 
  • Create this fun Marble M11aze (from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls) using just craft sticks and cardboard!  Not only are they using their creative juices, but they are also learning too! (You don’t have to tell them) 
  • Build with Giant Blocks (from Filth Wizardry)!  While Legos and other blocks are cool, imagine the games and forts that could be built outside with some giant wood blocks like these! 
  • Let them go to town with leftover materials in the garage (with supervision) and figure out something on their own! 
  • Cook Together! It is always fun to see what kids will come up with when given the opportunity to meal plan! Let them decide what the menu for their digital free day will be and help make it happen!  
  • Have some Spa time! Do a little self-care and get dolled up together!  Paint each other's nails or give each other makeovers!  Try our Mermaid Makeup Kit for an extra special afternoon.  Don’t forget to style your hair too!  You can really jazz it up with our Hair Chalk! 

  • Play some Board or Card Games!  Learn a new game together or teach them one of your favorites from when you were a kid! The kids might learn some new skills and the memories made will be priceless! 


No matter what activities for the kids that you choose, having a digital free day will surely reset and destress your whole family! It is so nice to unplug. When we give our brains a chance to wander, you never know what great ideas will come! Some of the best ideas have come from boredom! Who knows?  Your kids may even ask for a digital free day to become a weekly event!! 

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