FREE Printable: Scavenger Hunt "Happy Glorious Spring!"

FREE Printable: Scavenger Hunt "Happy Glorious Spring!"

Wednesday is the spring equinox! Did you know that equinox means "equal night"?

That means everyone on the planet will get about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night on March 20. 

Then, our days in the Northern Hemisphere will keep getting longer until the end of June, yahoo!! Long spring and summer days are coming our way! 😊☀

One of the most amazing places to be on the spring equinox is in Mexico. The Mayans built the pyramid at Chichen Itza 1000 years ago and that pyramid casts a shadow of Kukulkan (their feathered snake god). At sunset on spring equinox, the shadow of the pyramid makes it look like the snake head at the base of the pyramid has a snake body going up the pyramid. Wow!

12 hours daylight is a long time ... the great news is we've got FREE PRINTABLES to help keep your kids busy PLUS our super-fun and popular Easter Squishies are now available (get them while they last, they’re limited edition and sell out fast!).

Click on Image below to open full size downloadable, then right click on image to save to your computer :) 

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