Handwriting Lines Templates: Why They Work Better Than Any Other Method

Handwriting Lines Templates: Why They Work Better Than Any Other Method

You’ve tried all strategies to help your preschool child better their penmanship, and you still aren’t seeing much improvement. 

We know it can be frustrating, but before you give up, have you tried handwriting lines templates?

Good handwriting can be hard to master for a pre-kindergarten or kindergarten level child, but handwriting lines templates make the process so much easier. 

But what makes them better than other practice paper templates?

Printable handwriting worksheets come with clearly marked lines to help your child improve their letter and number formation, spacing letters, letter sizes, and ultimately improve their writing and spelling.

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Your child will find lined handwriting paper easy to use and more fun to practice than other templates. 

You can download writing paper templates from the internet and get down to helping your child end their struggle with poor handwriting.

Reasons Why Handwriting Lines Templates are Better Than Other Options

Marked Lines

The beginning of beautiful penmanship is knowing where each letter starts and ends. 

Every space on the handwriting paper has three marked lines to help your young learner shape their letters correctly. 

Long letters such as “b,h, and d” should start on the top line and end on the bottom line. Middle letters such as “e, s, and w” begin in the middle and end on the bottom. Lower letters such as “g and y” begin on the lower line and end on the bottom line of the space below the first line. 

Differently Sized Writing Lines

If your child has been struggling with writing small or big enough letters, you can get different-sized writing paper. 

All handwriting line papers come in different sizes-small, medium, and large. If your child has smaller than usual handwriting, start with a large-sized printable lined paper. 

Or, if their handwriting is bigger than usual, you can get them a small-sized printable lined paper to practice their handwriting on. 

If you only want your child to improve on shaping their letters, you can get them a normal-sized regular lined paper. 

Colorful Handwriting Practice

Young learners get bored pretty fast, especially if they’re stuck doing the same thing for a long time. 

If you want your child to focus on improving their penmanship, you need to focus on making the process more fun. 

Start by getting them the colored handwriting lines papers with wide layouts to help them have fun practicing their skills. 

You can even get them coloring pages to practice clip art when they want to break from the usual handwriting practice routine. 

Note: Alternative penmanship practice templates include:

  • Tracing templates
  • Alphabet blocks
  • Cursive crafting templates
  • Letter formation assessment templates

What Your Child Can Achieve With Lined Handwriting Papers

Letter Formation

The three-lined paper format helps your kindergarten child know where to start their letters and where to stop. 

The outcome will be nicely formed and shaped letters. Lowercase letters are well aligned with the line sizes and project beautiful and readable alphabets. 


Have you noticed how hard it is to read poorly spaced letters?  

The white space between letters makes them readable and easier to understand. However, your child can’t seem to get the trick to spacing letters and improving their penmanship. 

The lined paper handwriting worksheet is what you need to help your child space their letters evenly. 

Encourage your child to lift their pencil after every letter and see their scribbles transform into beautiful penmanship. 

Letter Sizes

Your child might know how to shape letters but not be as skilled at making them neat by sizing them properly. 

If your child writes their letters too small or too big, then this penmanship worksheet will do the trick. 

The lines in the writing paper templates will train your child to size their letters well without breaking boundaries. The line widths will help your child focus on staying within the spaces provided and train their hands to maintain a standard size for their alphabets.

Correct Placement of Letters

Although your young learner may not need to place letters correctly at the kindergarten level, it’ll be a basic requirement in first grade. 

As they graduate to upper classes, your child will be required to handle written homework and impress their teacher with their beautiful handwriting. 

The best time to train your kids to write well and place the letters of the alphabet properly is now. The lined printables have clear lines to show your child where to place lower case letters and how far up and down they should go. 

Improved Spelling Results

Spelling words isn’t in most kindergarten curricula, but that doesn’t mean that your child can overlook it. 

When your little one takes spelling tests in higher grades, they’ll be expected to spell correctly and craft the words clearly in good handwriting. 

Poor writing can easily change the structure of alphabets and cost your child a good report in their spelling tests. 

Printable lined handwriting templates from Education will help your little boy or girl know how to space alphabets, shape them properly, and ace their spelling tests. 

Learn Cursive Handwriting

Cursive handwriting stands out as one of the most beautiful and legible writing formats, but how can your child learn this art?

It’s simple. Get them a lined paper handwriting template to help them shape their letters well. 

Download Purple Ladybug’s FREE 60 page Handwriting Skills e-booklet with cursive writing practice sheets 

If your child is a little older, cursive writing is an additional skill they can master to help them with clear communication now and in the future. A lined paper will guide your big kid on joining the alphabet and making their writing as beautiful as possible. 

Have a little fun with writing practice!

When your child tires of handwriting practice, mix it up by using a fun paper like Purple Ladybug’s Scratch Paper! 

Our scratch paper 36 combo kit comes with big sheets, 8.5 x 11”, of black matte paper with beautiful brilliant backgrounds. Three backgrounds are included in each kit: rainbow drop, holographic silver and gold.

Kids will have fun practicing their letter writing on the paper, making signs, practicing their names and favorite words.

Plus, each kit comes with two stencils. They will hone their fine motor skills by tracing stencils and coloring them in.

Scratch Paper provides a delightful way where kids will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they’re improving their foundational skills needed for beautiful handwriting! 

Possible Outcomes for Your Child

  • Cursive craftsmanship
  • Beautiful letter formation
  • Spacing
  • Nice letter placement
  • Spelling tests
  • Correct letter sizes

Additional Perks of Using Lined Handwriting Paper 

Better Grades in School

Research indicates that teachers award better grades to papers crafted in legible handwriting. 

You know your child is bright, and they could ace all their tests if only they could get their writing in order, right?

The more reason why you should get them a handwriting paper template to help them improve their skills. 

The teacher will be more pleased with your child’s improved letter crafting and may grade them higher if they can clearly read your child’s work. 

Pay More Attention to Content

When your child struggles with poor writing, they’ll tend to focus more on writing better and spend less time thinking about what to write. 

This might affect their performance in school because they'll submit thin content as their work, which could be partially traced back to lack of confidence in their handwriting. This is a  combination that will not serve them well. 

If you get your child a writing paper template and encourage them to practice writing better in their free time, they’ll create more time to research and craft their assignments well. 

Confidence Booster

Do you know that great writing could be the barrier between your child and high confidence levels?

As a kid grows, beautiful writing means a lot to them. If your child has confidence issues, get them a handwriting paper and encourage them to use it for their writing exercises. 

You’ll be surprised by how much this works in boosting their confidence. 

Improved Fine Motor Skills

As your child practices better writing, they’ll also be improving their fine motor skills.

A handwriting paper will help your child exercise their fingers and improve their eye-hand coordination. 

What About Math Worksheets?

As you encourage your child to improve their writing on lined paper templates, don’t neglect their number skills. 

Writing beautiful numbers is equally important, especially when trying to improve your child's math skills. 

In preschool, kids learn both alphabets and number work in readiness for their primary grade. 

If your child is struggling with shaping their alphabet letters, the chances are that they also face the same hurdles with writing their math homework well. 

In the first grade, your kid will be required to start doing math assignments, and the teacher will expect the numbers to be crafted in clear and legible writing. 

If, at first grade, your child has trouble shaping numbers and aligning them, you might consider getting them math worksheets from Math-Drills

Most math worksheets come with well-spaced squares to help your kid shape their numbers well and align them. 

You can download printable math worksheets from one of the free resources online that helps children with their numbering problems. 

Refer to some of the samples available on those sites and pick a printable template that’s most appropriate for your student. 

Apply the Handwriting Paper Magic

If your child still writes poorly, getting them a handwriting paper may be the magic you need to work. 

As they use paper, your child will gain much-needed writing skills, as they also boost their confidence and improve fine motor skills. 

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