FREE Printable: Coloring page "Decluttering plus how we clean putty or slime mess!"

FREE Printable: Coloring page "Decluttering plus how we clean putty or slime mess!"

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of a decluttered and clean house combined with the even more powerful knowledge that you’re helping those less fortunate than yourself.    

These are just two the reasons we were thrilled to discover the July 15th holiday - “National Give Something Away Day!” 🤗  

Seriously, there is a day for EVERYTHING these days, but this is a 🎉FANTASTIC 🎉 one to celebrate...especially with your kids!  

As a family, we are SO incredibly fortunate. We try to extend this good fortune to others and teach our kids the power of giving back.   

Summer is the perfect time to clean out closets, sort through the toy bin, and search your house for items that you no longer need but someone else might. Kids change so quickly that there seems always to a t-shirt, book, or toy that they’ve outgrown.  

Clothing and toy donations aren’t the only way you can give something away to others. Here are a few of our other favorite ideas to pay it forward:  

❤️ Make or buy a meal for someone else 

❤️ Give your time by volunteering at a soup kitchen, local park, or other places in your community 

❤️ Collect all of the spare change in your house or car and donate it to a charity 

❤️ Offer to do some chores or yard work for an elderly family member or neighbor 

❤️ Volunteer to let someone cut in front of you in line at the store or take your seat on the bus 

Modeling these behaviors for your kids and teaching them the power of generosity is one of the best gifts we can ever give them.   


How do you clean putty or a burst mesh ball? 

Getting back to a clean house, we wanted to share a tip with you that’s come in handy for us. 

Despite our best efforts to keep the putty in the tin, our kids love it so much that we have found the putty ground into their bedsheets and other areas they take it to play.  

We’ve had great luck using Lestoil to get it out.  

Lestoil is a heavy-duty cleaner that you can buy online on Amazon or a local hardware store; it’s very effective at removing stains including ground in putty and mesh ball slime.  


Giveaway this week! 

In the spirit of the day, we will also be giving away Fun Packs to five of our awesome newsletter subscribers this week!  

To enter, sign up for our VIP list at and then email us at with your family's favorite way to help others. 

We’ll randomly pick five winners from the replies and will reply to the winners on the weekend to notify them. Good luck and happy de-cluttering! 

Click here for our FREE Coloring Page for the week :)


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