Give Friends and Family More “Wow” Moments with these Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Give Friends and Family More “Wow” Moments with these Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Seeing a loved one’s face light up on Christmas day is one of our favorite parts of the holiday. This year, you can build up more excitement for the big day with unique and fun gift wrapping!

Giving is the best way to experience those warm, fuzzy feelings the holidays bring. With these creative gift wrapping ideas, your Christmas day will be full of merriment. It’s time to wrap up your shopping!

Get creative with labels

Scratch Paper Gift Bags

Ditch those sticky cartoon labels and try something new this year. Scratch Paper Gift Bags are a beautiful alternative to the stickers and tags. The labels are built right in! 

These bags come in Christmas-specific designs, colorful stripes, or simple brown paper (great for coloring). There are even wine-sized bags, perfect for gifting to the holiday party host! 

Keep your message simple, or draw a beautiful picture the giftee will love — a dinosaur drawing for your nephew, a unicorn for your little sister, or a festive Christmas tree for Mom and Dad. Or you can let your child show off their new writing or drawing skills on Grandma’s gift. Scratch gift bags are a fun and simple way to elevate your gift wrapping. 

Chalkboard paint 

Want another simple swap for traditional labels? Try swiping chalkboard paint across your brown paper gift wrap. You can create chalkboard designs with painter’s tape, or keep it simple with a swipe of your brush across the paper. The uneven lines look great paired with some of the natural special touches below. Then all that’s left is to write your message! You can see the full tutorial here

Have fun with ribbons

Ribbons have a way of adding just the right touch to your packaging. Want to fancy it up? Pair a black satin ribbon with simple brown paper wrap. Looking for something fun and festive for the kids? Mix and match colors and prints. Preteens will love Lisa Frank-inspired looks. Or go full-on rainbow for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life.

Keep things interesting and mix yarn or twine with your ribbon. The different textures make for an eye-catching gift. Or if you’re feeling extra bright, use some leftover tinsel to create a gift that shines. 

Design your own wrapping paper

Kid-designed wrapping

If your kids love art projects, let them show off their creativity by decorating the gift wrap. Start with plain brown wrapping paper, and let them go nuts! 

They can paint or draw with crayons or markers. Then let them choose their own special touches — pom-poms, stickers, or wax craft stick designs are all great additions to the fun. You can even bring out the glitter (if you dare). The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are sure to love your kids’ creations.

Send a unique message

Have little kids? Make Christmas morning extra special by leaving a handwritten note from Santa on their new packages! Wrap the gifts simply in brown paper, and write a note from Santa directly on the packages. Sign with a “ho, ho, ho” and watch their eyes light up in excitement.

Special messages work great for adults too! If you’re a master with calligraphy, you can design beautiful paper with just a little paint and your talent. Write out a special message or some of your favorite Christmas lyrics and tie it all up with a simple bow. Check out this page for some examples. It’s a beautiful, elegant way to gift this holiday.

Create festive patterns 

If handwriting and drawing aren’t your thing, you can still create custom gift wrap for your favorite people. Use Christmas-themed stencils or stamps to easily color different patterns or designs. Think evergreen trees, gingerbread cookies, and ornaments. Or keep it simple with basic shape designs. Then break out the paint pens for more precise decorating and labeling.

Add a special touch

Elegant additions

If you’re looking to add something special to your packaging, try covering your wrapped box in lace. Use bright, jewel-toned wrapping under the lace for a beautiful gift that is sure to stand out. See the inspiration for this eye-catching idea here

If you want to create a more traditional look, try making your own bow. There are tons of YouTube videos on bow making. So grab your wide ribbon and watch your favorite tutorial to create a stunning look for your bestie’s gift. 

A bit of nature

Winter is a beautiful time. White snow covers the ground while evergreen trees stand tall. Welcome this picturesque season with nature-inspired accents. Try picking an evergreen sprig in the shape of a Christmas tree to add to your box. Or put a pinecone dusted with (fake) snow in the middle of your wrapping.

And even though flowers feel like spring, they can add just the right pop of color to your gift wrap. Keep it classic with real flowers, or grab some pretty artificial ones from your local craft store. Want something truly unique? Make your own paper flowers! Flowers made from old book pages are a gorgeous addition to your wrapping. There are several variations of paper flowers —  see a tutorial here or here.

Festive add-ons

Add some extra Christmas cheer with these festive additions to your gifts! You or the kids can cut your own snowflakes out of cardstock. Or hang jingle bells on gift bags and boxes in place of a bow. 

And don’t forget the delicious treats. Cinnamon sticks and candy canes are both beautiful ways to top off your wrapping. Or wrap up a few Christmas cookies in place of ribbons and bows. Yum!

Decorate with gifts

To create a little extra excitement, include part of your gift on the outside of the package. Ornaments make excellent extras for your gift wrapping. Unfinished wooden ornaments look especially beautiful and elegant while also being an extra craft for the recipient. 

If you’re gifting jewelry, think about featuring a bracelet tied up with ribbon. Or decorate the package with shimmery charms. 

You can even have the kids create gifts to accent your wrapping! Check out these Shrink Art Craft and Photo Charm Craft kits for creating unique keychains the grandparents will love. Capture special memories and bring the “wow” with these fun additions!

Gift cash without the card

Just pop it

For those difficult to buy for teens (and adults) there’s always cash. But just handing over a card isn’t much fun. Instead, try placing the cash inside of a see-through balloon. Add confetti or glitter to the inside for some extra excitement (just be sure to take this gift outside to pop it)! 

Leaves of green

Looking for a way to gift cash that feels more like Christmas. Make your own money wreath. This will take you some time, but the end result is beautiful and sure to delight. Check out this page to get step-by-step instructions for creating your own money wreath to gift.

Share a treat

Fake out your recipient with a fun money treat. This pizza box is super cute and perfect for kids, from elementary to college age. Or make it sweeter with this candy box idea. No matter which one you choose, it will make for an exciting unboxing.

Gift wrapping fun for everyone on your list

From toddlers to grandparents, fun to fancy, there’s a gift wrapping option on this list for everyone. Show off your creativity while sharing gifts that bring joy and laughter. And if you can get the kids involved, that’s even better!

What’s your favorite wrapping idea from our list? Share in the comments, and show off your unique style on your socials. Be sure to tag @PLBfun so we can admire your beautiful wrapping. 

Happy Holidays!

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