Gifts for Dad: Things to make for, give to, & do with your favorite guy this Father’s Day

Gifts for Dad: Things to make for, give to, & do with your favorite guy this Father’s Day

Does Father’s Day seem to sneak up on you?  With all the hustle and bustle of the end of school and summer fun, it always seems to sneak up on us!! Dads do so much for us and while we try to appreciate them every day, Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to show him just how much he means to us! 

There are a LOT of ways to show Dad how much you care.  Whether you are making something extra special, buying him that perfect gift, or spending some quality time doing the things he loves, Sunday, June 20th, 2021 will be an amaziing day for Dad.   


We know it can be hard to decide what that perfect thing is so we’ve compiled some ideas to help you out! 


Things to Make for Dad: You know how much we love crafting for our loved ones here at Purple Ladybug!  We’ve got you covered with some great ideas! 

  • Make him a keychain he’ll love to show off with our Resin Keychain Craft Kit! Let the kids pick out their favorite pictures and get their glitter on! 


Things to Give to Dad:  If you just don’t have the time or energy to make something for Dad this year, there are always things that will make him smile and know he is appreciated. (And if you need some fun bags for the gifts for Dad, we’ve got you covered!) Some ideas for gifts that will wow him are: 

  • Get him a subscription to something he loves.  There are SOOO many options out there now.  Bacon, wine, whiskey, movie, sports, even historical subscriptions!  No matter what he is into, you can find a subscription that will be the gift that keeps on giving each month! 
  • Get him a new game! Board Games like this National Parks trivia game or an old-time arcade setup might be just the thing he would love. 
  • Creative personalized gifts like this Photo Collage Baseball will draw in his interests and the love he has for his family. 
  • You can always go the dad joke route with a funny t-shirt or coffee mug if you’d rather keep it lighthearted this year. 


Things to Do with (or for) Dad: Gifts are always nice, but we all know that sometimes making memories is as nice or better than the gift. Here are some awesome memory-making ideas for this Father’s Day. 


  • Get outside!   
  • Get out the frisbee, corn hole, or croquet and have some fun.  
  • Go hiking and enjoy nature together. (Maybe bird watch or fish!) 
  • Make an obstacle course or relay race and have some family competition! 
  • Work on a project 
  • Wash the car for Dad (don’t forget the inside) 
  • Mow the lawn without being asked. 
  • Work together on that project that always gets put off. 
  • Have a game night 
  • Have a movie night 
  • Talk about your Family History together and maybe start some research. 

No matter what thing or combination of things you decide to do for or with your Dad, don’t forget the card!  Here are a couple of fun ideas if you want to make one for him. 


We hope you are able to make, find or plan the perfect day for the dads in your life! Saying thank you for being there is so important and we are so thankful for the dads in our lives. 

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