Get Your April Fools' Day Laughs On with These Hilarious Art Projects!

Get Your April Fools' Day Laughs On with These Hilarious Art Projects!

Make April Fool’s Day about more than jokes by creating fun and creative art projects. Kids love to get creative on April Fool’s Day and make something that will surprise their friends! 

These April Fools' Day art projects are sure to bring plenty of laughs! Just remember: being the day is intended to be fun so keep it light-hearted!

But first - some history: How Did April Fools’ Day Begin?

For many centuries, April Fools' Day has been a popular holiday celebrated in numerous countries across the world. Although the precise origin of this unofficial holiday is uncertain, some historians suggest that it may have arisen due to a significant calendar change. says that  in 1582, France moved from the Julian calendar, which marked the new year in the spring season, to the Gregorian calendar, which established January 1st as New Year's Day. However, not everyone was aware of this change, and some individuals continued to celebrate the new year during the final week of March. They were mocked and pranked for their lack of awareness, started the April Fools' Day tradition.

Jack in the Box

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May your creativity run wild this April Fool’s Day with a crafty prank that's sure to make people smile! All you need is a photo of your little one, two contrasting pieces of coloured cardboard, and a small jewelry or ring box. With some scissors, a hole punch, glue, and sticky tape, you can make an enchanting Jack in the box for all those special folks in your life. Thanks to for sharing the idea; it's sure to bring great glee and creativity when you present it to family members, teachers, or even friends at school! Don't forget to leave room for lots of imagination when creating yours - it will undoubtedly take April Fool’s pranks up a notch this year!

Fake Spill 

It's time to get creative and craft those silly pranks to surprise friends and families. And what better way than to have a messier art project in the works? While younger children will need supervision with this one, let creativity run wild by using white glue and acrylic paint! Just remember, this spill will take a few days to dry so it's best to think of ideas now and make sure you have all the supplies ready - from white glue to acrylic paint. Get silly with your ideas for a hilarious prank come April Fools Day! Other supplies you will need include:

  • A plastic cup (or any other small disposable container)
  • A plastic spoon
  • Clingfilm
  • A baking tray or flat plate
  • Your favorite breakfast cereal

Full instructions and a few more fun April Fools Day art projects can be found at

Fake Toilet Paper

Creative crafts come in many shapes and sizes, but some of the most ingenious ideas come from the simplest of objects. Take fake toilet paper for example - this unexpected prank can turn any moment into a real hoot. To avoid arguments though, it’s best to reserve your creativity for someone with a great sense of humor, and always have an emergency back-up roll (just in case)!

To make the fake toilet roll, you will need:

  • The inner tube of an empty toilet roll
  • Cardboard (an old cereal box will do)
  • Double-sided tape or a glue stick
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors

Instructions for creating the fake toilet roll are at

April Fools’ Day Cards

Purple Ladybug’s Scratchy Scratch Notepad


What better way to start off April Fools’ Day than by giving your friends a hilarious greeting card? Create cards with funny messages or silly pictures. You can even make your own cards from construction paper and markers. Just be sure to include a funny message inside so your friends will get the joke when they open it up! It doesn’t have to be complicated - even just drawing some silly faces on the front of the card is enough to get a few giggles out of everyone. 

To create a fun April fool's day card you will just need Purple Ladybug’s Scratchy Scratch Notepad!

Sticking Googly Eyes

Sticking googly eyes on everything is a fun and playful way to bring a sense of whimsy and humor to the world around us. Googly eyes are small plastic or paper circles with a moving black pupil in the center that can be easily affixed to any surface with a bit of adhesive. From household objects like lamps and kitchen appliances to outdoor fixtures like street signs and park benches, adding googly eyes can instantly transform an ordinary object into a quirky character with a personality all its own. This simple act of adding googly eyes can inspire creativity and playfulness, and it's a great way to inject a bit of lightheartedness into our daily lives.

April Fools' Day Paintings 

Grab some paint and let your kids express their inner prankster with these fun April Fools’ paintings! They can paint scenes of pranks being pulled, like buckets of water over doors or silly string all over the house. Your kids will love putting their own spin on classic pranks and creating something unique for this day of fun. 

In the end…

April Fool's Day is all about having fun, so why not encourage your kids to get creative with hilarious art projects? Let them express their creativity while also learning how to play practical jokes without hurting anyone's feelings— make it an enjoyable day for everyone involved!

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