Fun Ways to Reuse Easter Eggs

Fun Ways to Reuse Easter Eggs

Easter is such a fun holiday with special traditions. One of them is filling colorful plastic Easter eggs with treats and treasures and hidden for little fingers to find. After it’s all over, you can pack them away for next year or save yourself the shelf space with our ideas on how to reuse them!  


Reuse Easter Eggs as a Mold or Form 

  • You can make soap with your kids. This is a simple recipe that is safe and fun! 
  • A fun favorite is bath bombs where not only do you kids get a fun bath time, but can learn about chemistry and how water can react cause the dried citric acid to react with the baking soda for some bubbly fun! 
  • These cute birdfeeders are a fun way to bring observing nature right in your backyard!  
  • Use them to make Jello ®  eggs which are always a fun snack! 
  • Make popsicles with some juice or smoothie mix! 
  • Rice Krispy ® treats can also be molded this way! 


Reuse Easter Eggs for Learning Fun 

  • Using a permanent marker, write the capital letters on the top side of the egg and the lower case letters on the bottom side of the egg.  Break the eggs and you have a fun matching letter game!  Use them for building words as they grow! 
  • Create a Number Snake together by writing numbers on egg halves and asking the child to thread them onto a piece of string.  Kids have fun while practicing counting and developing fine motor skills! 
  • Talk about physics after they build their own Rocketship and send it flying!  Experiment with different ways to make it go farther or higher! 
  • Explore some more Chemistry and make Geodes!  It will look really cool if you have the eggs that split lengthwise.   


Reuse Easter Eggs for Craft gifts 

  • Have the kids make a Bouquet of Flowers for their favorite teacher or person in their life! 
  • Make some abstract art for a family member to hang up with Rolled Easter Egg Painting 
  • Create a small planter. Glue a button or small tile to the bottom and fill with a small plant or succulent.  Decorate the outside with stickers and paint or permanent markers to create one-of-a-kind gifts. 


Reuse Easter Eggs for Homemade toys and decor 

  • Let the kids make their own tea set in with buttons, our Wax Craft Sticks, and Decorate Your Own Stuff Stickers.

  • Create maracas with two plastic spoons, an Easter Egg, some dry rice or beans, and tape.  You can use washi tape, plain masking tape (then, you can decorate the outside), or our Wax Craft Sticks would be another great option. 


  • Make a night light using battery-powered tea lights!  Two cute options we found were Cupcakes and Fireflies, but let your imagination go wild! 
  • Let your child make their own window treatment, garland, or wall hanging by stringing some eggs with beads, pompoms, and other fun recyclable things on colorful yarn!   


We are excited to see how you reuse your Easter eggs this year! There are so many fun options. 

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