Fun and Creative Rewards to Motivate Your Kids!

Fun and Creative Rewards to Motivate Your Kids!

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging. One of the biggest challenges parents face is motivating their children. It can be difficult to get kids excited about doing chores, homework, or other tasks. However, there are ways to make these activities more fun and engaging. One effective way is to offer rewards for after the task is completed.

Many parents feel concerned about giving their children money as a reward for good behavior or grades. Fortunately, there are several creative ways of rewarding children without handing over cash. Here are 10 creative reward ideas for kids that are creative and fun!

Why reward your kids?

Rewarding your kids can be a fun experience for the whole family. Creative gifts, a special craft activity, giving them exciting ideas to try out - these are all great ways to show your kids how proud you are of their good behavior. When incorporated into your parenting strategy, rewards can encourage remarkable results. They can motivate kids and inspire them to keep up the good work.

Verbal Acknowledgement

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Verbal acknowledgment can be a powerful tool to motivate creativity and craft, boost ideas, and ignite initiative in your child. Praising hard work and recognizing achievements not only expresses your pride for them but is also a way to show that you appreciate the effort they are putting into whatever project or task they’re engaged in. 

You can also reinforce recognition by displaying projects or report cards where others can see them. Your child should never doubt how highly thought of their capabilities are and vocal recognition can be an effective way to ensure they know how proud you are of them.

Here are some positive verbal acknowledgements for your kids:

Spend a Fun Day Together

Looking for creative and fun ideas to reward your child? Why not take them on a special activity together? Pack up some snacks, pick a location that's within an hour away from home and set off together for some quality time. Whether it’s a trip to the zoo or to explore the beach, you can have plenty of fun together. Not only does this reward your little one with some special exclusive attention, but also gives you two even more chance to strengthen your bond. So grab your gear and get ready for creativity and adventure!

This list is that all ideas are simple, inexpensive, and easy to fit into day-to-day life:

Give a Special Gift

Purple Ladybug 10 Create Your Own Lip Balm


Purple Ladybug's Create Your Own Lip Balm set is a fantastic reward for kids! By giving them this craft kit, you are acknowledging their hard work and fostering creativity. This is truly an amazing gift idea that promotes hard work, creativity, and learning all wrapped up in one.


Purple Ladybug Teacher Stickers

Stickers can be a fun way to get your kids to work towards a desired goal. Put a reward chart up on the wall and add a sticker every time they complete a task. Then, dream up what they “earn” when they complete the chart! 

Purple Ladybug’s Teacher Stickers are great stickers for reward charts!

Let Them Choose Dinner

Step aside parents, it's time to give kids creativity control in the kitchen! Allowing them to choose what’s for dinner once a week can make them feel grown-up and special as they get creative with their ideas. Encourage creativity and craft by letting them plan the entire meal out - from setting the table, to deciding on side dishes and assembling a tasty treat for dessert. Even if it’s within their comfort zone of mac and cheese and hotdogs, it's still incredibly fun for kids to have a say when it comes to dinner!

Extra 15 Minutes Before Bedtime

Need a creativity-filled night? If your school-aged kid needs an extra incentive to behave throughout the week, why not let them enjoy bonus reading time before lights out? 

Movie Night

Movie night is a classic reward that never gets old. Kids love watching movies, especially if they get to choose the movie themselves. Make it extra special by setting up a cozy movie area with blankets, pillows, and snacks. You can even make it a regular event, like a weekly or monthly movie night.

Here is a list of best kids’ movies for your movie night:

Rewarding children doesn't have to mean giving them cash - there are plenty of creative alternatives that don't cost much money and provide positive reinforcement that motivates kids toward better performance in school overall. 

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