FREE Printables: Self Esteem Boosting Sheet "Keeping our Daughters Confident"

FREE Printables: Self Esteem Boosting Sheet "Keeping our Daughters Confident"

Small girls and boys are full of confidence and swagger. But when they reach puberty, this starts to change for many girls. You can read more about it here. They are no longer so fearless.  They no longer trust their own abilities. So, what can we do to bolster that confidence? 

💗 Remind them there is no need to be perfect. Perfection is an impossible task and leaves no room to recognize successes on the way to a goal. Tell your daughters to do their best, but that perfection is not the goal. 

💗 Encourage your girls to take risks. Have them audition for that play, or try out for the team.  Have them apply for that educational program or jump from that big rock. Failure can be an excellent opportunity to learn perseverance. 

💗 Have them follow powerful female leaders. In our social media world, have your teen girls follow women leaders in industries she is interested in so that when she does start on social media, her feed is filled with the successes and thoughts of influential women.  

💗 Reinforce positive messages.  Have both parents and other role models offer positive perspectives and encouragement to get through tough challenges.  

In the end, our daughters are individuals and we need to remind them every day that they are wonderful, valuable, smart and capable. However, there are things in our lives that are out of their control, such as other people’s actions or some things happening in the world. It is ok to be sad or angry or feel strong emotions. 

Risks are worth taking and our daughters should be encouraged to see that to help them grow into confident women! Download this weeks FREE printables for a self-esteem boosting exercise!

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