FREE Printables: Holiday Printable package "Christmas Morning is Almost Here!!  "

FREE Printables: Holiday Printable package "Christmas Morning is Almost Here!! "

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

What does your ideal Christmas morning look like? Is it chaotic paper flying everywhere with exclamations of joy? Is it peaceful sipping of coffee while kids calmly take turns opening up gifts? (Is there ever calm in a family home on Christmas morning?!) 

With all the changes that 2020 brought the world, Christmas morning could be more aligned with tradition than some other celebrations. Here are some of our favorite ideas to make the morning as memorable & fun as possible... 

🎅 Encourage the littles to come into bed with you when they come wake you up in excitement. Steal a few snuggles and make it so everyone can see the presents at the same time 

🎅 Make breakfast ahead of time! There are so many make-ahead breakfasts like French Toast Casserole, Quiche, or Crockpot Oatmeal! Don’t forget to set the coffee pot the night before too! 

🎅 Or – go for an easy and fun treat breakfast like cook-from-frozen croissants or a Nutella pasty Christmas tree! 

🎅 Tell everyone the night before that whoever wakes up last gets to open the first present. Maybe this will convince the littles to stay in bed until after the sun comes up! 

🎅 Make a game of cleaning up!  Whoever picks up the most gets to pick the movie or next activity.   

🎅 Skip the endless wrapping paper and put the presents in bags that can easily be reused (grab some of our scratch paper bags here)!  Saves on waste and next year you don’t have to buy anymore! 

Download this week's FREE PLBFUN printable - HOLIDAY PACKAGE.

No matter what you end up doing, we are wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas!   

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