FREE Printables: Halloween Package - No tricks. This Halloween can still be a treat!

FREE Printables: Halloween Package - No tricks. This Halloween can still be a treat!

Like everything else this year, Halloween is going to look a bit different.  

And while our kids may kind of understand, that doesn’t lessen the importance of the day for them or dim their excitement. They’re still super excited to pick out costumes and show them off! 

There are lots of different ways to make this year funWith the unique challenges of 2020 in mind, here are some fun ideas that’ll help your family have a spooooky Halloween... and maybe even start a new tradition you want to carry into future years! 

🎃 Have your kids dress in costume, give them a pumpkin bucket and send them to find all the treats hidden around the house. Think egg hunt without having to fill the eggs! If you want, step it up with scavenger hunt clues. 

🎃 Pick out your favorite Halloween movie and snuggle up to watch it together as a family. Keep a cozy blanket to cover faces during the scary parts!  

🎃 Bake sugar cookies, grab some icing and candy and have a cookie decorating contest! Everyone's a winner when you can eat your project. You could even have category themes like the scariest or craziest cookie! 

🎃 Since part of the fun of Halloween is seeing everybody else’s costumes, invite your friends and family to hang out on Zoom!  Make it a costume contest or fashion show where each kid gets to show off their costume and act it out! 

🎃 Let kids be MAD scientists and cook up some fun with baking soda and vinegar experiments or Mentos in Diet Coke!  

🎃Have your kids make their own “haunted house” PILLOW FORT version and make sure to run (or maybe crawl) through it screaming and laughing the whole way.  

🎃 Put together a bucket full of goodies for your little pumpkins to wake up to and remember to include our Halloween Printables! 

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