FREE Printables: Easter Activity Sheets "🌷🐣 Happy Easter!! 🐰✝️ "

FREE Printables: Easter Activity Sheets "🌷🐣 Happy Easter!! 🐰✝️ "

This year’s Easter celebrations are going to look different for most families right now than they have in the past. 

Meals and egg hunts with extended family and friends aren’t happening. Church services are being held online. 

But none of this means we can’t still CELEBRATE EASTER with those we are self-isolating with and make the day a FUN one to remember for our kids!! 

Here are our suggestions for celebrating Easter at home this year... 

🐰 FaceTime or Skype with family and friends to still feel connected. You could even have your kids put on an Easter-themed concert or talent show for their grandparents virtually!  
🐰 Decorate your back porch and have Easter dinner OUTSIDE! Hang up Easter buntings (that the kids can help you make from fabric or paper you have at home), pick flowers from your garden, and pull out the pretty dishes. Let your kids go wild with making centerpieces or other décor! 
🐰 Do fun Easter crafts and dye eggs together – maybe even get creative with how you dye or decorate those eggs this year! Check out our Pinterest board for ideas! 
🐰 Have an egg hunt in the house or in the backyard! 
🐰 Also, remember to grab some of our FREE Easter coloring and activity sheets to keep those little hands busy and keep the creativity flowing! 

Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy this joyous holiday. 

From our family to yours, Happy Easter!!  

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