FREE Printables: Christmas Countdown Making our Christmas (bucket) list & checking it twice...

FREE Printables: Christmas Countdown Making our Christmas (bucket) list & checking it twice...

What are some of the things you do every Christmas season? Are there any traditions that aren't in the plans this year because of COVID?  

We know you’re trying your best to make this year fun and memorable for your kiddos despite changes in our world.  

Never fear! If you’re tired of scouring Pinterest and gathering lists upon lists of fun activities to do, we’re making life a little easier by sharing our simple 2020 Christmas Bucket List - full of safe and fun ideas for your whole family! 

🎄 Bundle up and get outside to enjoy all the neighbors decorations! If you live in town, go see downtown’s decorations or find one of those bright neighborhoods and drive through.  

🎄 Give your kids a night of classic Christmas by watching It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas 

🎄 Read The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg and then watch the movie with hot chocolate! 

🎄 Make a Kindness Advent calendar and each day leading up to Christmas perform a Random Act of Kindness for someone in your community. 

 🎄 Make Christmas cookies together or build a gingerbread house! 

 🎄 Create a new tradition! Something that is special for your family this year specifically that you can do every year moving forward to remind you of this time! 

 🎄 Make personalized ornaments for each other or for grandparents. 

 🎄 Write to Santa! This year, make a big deal about sending that letter since Santa won’t be able to send his helpers to the mall to get direct requests this year OR go online and have a real time conversation with the new chat features you can find!   

 🎄 While you’re at it, color a picture for Santa with one of our FREE PRINTABLES.

We hope your holidays this year are so much fun and safe for all! Follow up on social @PLBFun for more ideas and to see what we’re up to. 

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