FREE Printables: Birthday themed Activity Sheets - Pandemic Birthdays = Social Distanced Celebrating

FREE Printables: Birthday themed Activity Sheets - Pandemic Birthdays = Social Distanced Celebrating

Just because you’re keeping your distance from people during the COVID-19 pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t make your kiddos birthdays extra special in 2020! 

We’ve all gotten pretty creative this year in how we’re doing a lot of things from school to shopping to connecting with loved ones — and there’s no reason that birthdays have to be any different. Innovation is the name of the game! 

In fact, there’s plenty of room to make this year’s celebration one your kids will always remember. Here’s a few ideas to get you started... 

🎉 Be the “Birthday Fairy”: Decorate your whole house overnight (or you know, after bedtime) just for the birthday boy or girl, and have a day where you do/eat all the things they like best! 

🎉 Invite people to parade past your house with signs and balloons. In some places, the local police and firefighters have also joined in the fun! 

🎉 Hold a socially distant driveway party where friends can swing by on a spaced out schedule for an outdoor cupcake throughout the afternoon!  

🎉 Jump for joy! Rent a bounce house just for your kiddo and their siblings. If it’s an expense you would have gone to anyway, why not let them enjoy having the bouncy space to all to themselves and support the local party companies who’ve been really hurting for business this year. Also, there’s more room for Mom & Dad to get in on the jumping fun! 😊  

🎉 Have a Zoom party! Send birthday decorations, craft kits, or cookie/cupcake decorating kits out to friends and family. Then, meet up online to celebrate together. You could even have a decorating contest and let the birthday kid be the judge! 

Download this week's FREE printables and use as an activity in your Zoom birthday party!

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, we know you’ll make it fun and memorable for your little ones! Share your ideas with us on social @PLBFun ! 

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