FREE Printables: Activity Sheets " ✈️ Tips for Traveling with Kids 🚘 "

FREE Printables: Activity Sheets " ✈️ Tips for Traveling with Kids 🚘 "

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the last week of February and that in the blink of an eye, Spring Break (and Summer Break!) will be creeping up on us! 

Traveling as a family over breaks makes for some INCREDIBLE memories and, for our kiddos, it’s pure funBut, for us grown-ups, there’s also some stress when it comes to traveling together.  

We’ve rounded up some useful tips to ease your stress and increase your enjoyment for vacationing as a family... 

🌟 Take it slow and allow for PLENTY of time! - Nothing makes traveling with kids MORE stressful than having to be in a hurry. Leave insanely early for the airport. Make more stops in the car. Being in a rush won’t help anyone’s mood! 
🌟 Bring all the snacks! - When in doubt, pack more snacks. 
🌟 Ease up on those technology limits for travel time! - We are all about limiting screen time at home, but on the road, it’s fair game. 
🌟 Talk about the trip ahead of time and get your kids involved! - Kids love to be heard and contribute, so talk about what’s going to happen before you leave and then involve them in packing! 
🌟 Pack plenty of FREE printables and Crayons!  
🌟 Get your older kids a camera (a cheap one!!) and a journal to document the trip for themselves. - It will serve as a fantastic activity and leave you with some precious mementos from the vacation! 

Lastly, expect that things will go wrong. The more you can roll with the punches and keep a positive attitude, the more your kids will as well!  

Safe travels!  

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