FREE Printables: Activity Sheets - Positive Affirmations for Kids

FREE Printables: Activity Sheets - Positive Affirmations for Kids

There is so much power in positive thinking! It can lower our stress levels, help us work through difficult  situations, and improve our overall health. These benefits aren’t only for adults either.  

Speaking positive affirmations to our kids and encouraging them to speak these words of encouragement and truth to themselves can help with their self-confidence, resilienceself-esteem and helps them feel empowered and ready to conquer whatever challenges are in front of them.    

This week’s printables are positive affirmations that you can keep in a jar on the counter for after school, mornings, or whenever your kids – or YOU -- need a positive word of encouragement.  DOWNLOAD HERE.

To get you started, here are some affirmations to read out loud – it’s a difficult time and YOU’RE DOING GREAT. 

❤️ I am an amazing person. 

❤️ I make a difference in the world. 

❤️ I am smart. 

❤️ I am strong. 

❤️ I make good choices. 

❤️ I matter. 

❤️ I am loved for just being me. 

❤️ I can do anything I put my mind to. 

❤️ I am proud of myself. 

❤️ I can always try again. 

❤️ I am ready to learn. 

❤️ I love myself. 

❤️ I can take deep breaths. 

❤️ I am doing my best. 

❤️ My thoughts matter. 

❤️ I am beautiful inside and out. 

❤️ I am choosing to make today great. 

❤️ It’s okay when I make mistakes. 

❤️ My emotions don’t control me. I am in control. 

❤️ I can take it one step at a time. 

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