FREE Printables: Activity Sheets "🌎♻️ Happy Earth Day! ♻️🌎 "

FREE Printables: Activity Sheets "🌎♻️ Happy Earth Day! ♻️🌎 "

This extra time at home has given us the opportunity to focus on some different lessons for our kiddos. And, with Earth Day coming up, we’re looking forward to talking to our kids about our impact on the earth. We’ve rounded up some recycling activities to try while social distancing... 

🌎 Set up a small “recycling” center in your home for your kiddos to sort the recycling into separate bins or boxes (even if it does all get dumped back together for the recycling truck to pick up!).   
🌎 Make a craft from recycled goods. Wash out yogurt and milk containers, save cardboard boxes and egg cartons and see what your kids can create with a little tape, time and a LOT of imagination! 
🌎 Clean out closets and drawers to find old clothes your kids have grown out of and donate them to someone who can use them. 
🌎 Read books or facts online about recycling and ways you can work as a family to help our Earth! 
🌎 Check out our Pinterest board for Earth Day to find even more ideas!  

How is homeschooling and distance learning going for your family? Don't forget to download this week's FREE Printables. Tell us what you’ve been up to in the comments and be sure to follow us on Instagram @PLBFun for even more FUN ideas, crafts, and updates! 

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