FREE Printables: Activity sheets "Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged in Learning this Summer "

FREE Printables: Activity sheets "Fun Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged in Learning this Summer "

There’s always a bit of learning slowdown for kiddos over the summer, but it could be more pronounced in 2020 because of the way the last school year ended and how the next may begin. 

The great news is that summer learning reinforcement can be fun! 

Here’s some amazing ways to keep your child engaged in learning during these summer months at home... 

☀️ Start a summer book club for your family– Even better include another family or two and have virtual book club meetings regularly! 📚 
Use our free book tracking printable to have your kids record the books they read and rate each!

☀️ Have your kids keep a summer adventure journal. It gets them writing – plus, you’ll have an incredible keepsake from this time at home together! ✏️ 

☀️ Get cooking in the kitchen together! - Reading, math, life skills... there’s endless learning mixed into those recipes. 👩‍🍳 

☀️ Explore the great outdoors and see what kind of science-y fun you can get into as a familyGardening, flower/plant journals, building birdhouses (followed by bird watching) the learning possibilities are endless! 🌻 

☀️ Check out online games and free resources like Cool Math GamesFunbrain Jr.PoptropicaScratch Jr. or teach your kids to type with Typing Club! 

☀️ Get crafty with some science experiments ideas on our Pinterest board or download this week’s free Printables for more summer learning inspiration! 

What are you doing to keep your kids learning (and having fun!) this summer? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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