FREE Printables: Activity Sheets "😆😂 April Fools Fun - For the Whole Family! 🤣😀 "

FREE Printables: Activity Sheets "😆😂 April Fools Fun - For the Whole Family! 🤣😀 "

Many of us are in social isolation because of the coronavirus, but even with cancellations, there are still plenty of things that aren’t canceled! 

Family time – NOT CANCELLED  

Laughing – NOT CANCELLED  

Books & learning – NOT CANCELLED ❌ 

Making memories with your kids – NOT CANCELLED ❌ 

With that in mind and with April just around the corner, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite April Fools Fun to bring some silliness and smiles into your home... 

😆 Put googly eyes on all of the food containers in the fridge, so that the milk is watching when your kiddos go to get breakfast! 👀🥛 
😆 Stuff tissues or cotton balls in the toes of your kids’ shoes, so they wonder why their feet have grown so much overnight! 👟👟 
😆 Cover the sensor on the end of the remote with clear tape, so the TV won’t come on! 📺 
😆 Superglue a penny to the sidewalk in your backyard and see who tries to pick it up first! 💰 
😆 Replace some of the family photos around the house with images of celebrities or their favorite cartoon characters! 📷 

What are your family’s favorite pranks? Let us know on social media – follow us at @plbfun ! 

Don't forget to download this week's FREE Printables!

And, remember to stay healthy and safe; keep laughing and embracing these days together! 

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