FREE Printables: Activity Sheets " 🤧🤒 Avoiding Colds & the Flu 😷😴 "

FREE Printables: Activity Sheets " 🤧🤒 Avoiding Colds & the Flu 😷😴 "

Regular cold and flu season is getting CLOSE to being overbut with some nasty bugs circulating, we need to continue taking care to avoid getting sick. 

Here are some of our TOP TIPS for avoiding colds and the flu as winter wraps up... 

😷 Wash your hands! Use lots of soap and water and sing or hum “Happy Birthday” twice to ensure you’re washing for long enough to rinse off those bugs. Keep hand sanitizer handy for when you’re not near a sink!   
😷 If your little one has the sniffles, remind them to “sneeze into their sleeve.” Sneezing into your elbow ultimately spreads way less germs than sneezing into your hands...because kids touch EVERYTHING! 
😷 Chat with your kids about germs. Maybe even investigate germs in the children’s science section of the library or online. Information is powerful!  
😷 And, if your little one does get sick, keep them home and stock up on popsicles and broth-based soups. Also, remember to have a few craft kits on hand and make use of our FREE printables to cheer them up! 

Fingers crossed (and washed!) that everyone at your house stays healthy during these last few weeks of winter!!  

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