FREE Printable: Winter Printable "Holiday Thank You Notes for Kids! "

FREE Printable: Winter Printable "Holiday Thank You Notes for Kids! "

Holiday Thank You Notes for Kids!  

Take a deep breath with me. Let it out slowly. We are here. You did it. 2021 has arrived!  

The holidays are over and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some sort of routine is being established again and normalcy is returning (even if it doesn’t quite look like the “normal” we are used to seeing this time of the year). 

If you haven’t done it yet, now is a great time to help your kids say thank you for the many gifts and wonderful things they received over the holidays!  (After all, it’s better late than never! ) 

If your kiddos can write, have them sit down and write or make thank you cards for their family members and friends who gave them gifts! If not, make a video and send it digitally! 💌💻 

Helping our kids find meaningful ways to say, “Thank You!” is important for several reasons... 

💌 Showing gratitude to others lets them know you appreciate them and everyone longs to feel appreciated. 

💌 Being grateful has good effects on a child’s health and self-esteem. Harvard Medical School writes about how giving thanks can make us happier! 

💌 Thinking of others promotes the practice of kindness and compassion which in the end will increase their own esteem and that of others 

💌 Saying “Thank You” can remind them of what matters to them when they take the time to think about each gift, who gave it to them, and why it was given. 

Unsure of what to say? The Farmer’s Almanac has some great tips for you on what to include in your thank you note. Don’t get too hung up on specifics though – especially on notes from your kids.  Often a beautiful craft or drawing can be a beautiful personal touch to include from kids.  

While making the thank you cards can create reflection (and a bit of work), don’t forget the fun! Grab your supplies: scratch paper makes an incredible thank you card! Try our new multicolor scratch combo set that comes with stencils too!

Also grab other colored paper, crayons, markers, scissors and glue (and maybe even glitter?) and let them go to town! If you need a place to start, grab some of our free printables.

Get excited with them! Give them your kids opportunity to continue to spread cheer and make saying thank you so fun they’ll remember it not as a chore, but as a treasure that is meant to be given away! 

Here at Purple Ladybug we are SO thankful for you!  Thank you for spending time with us and enjoying our products!  We are so hopeful for this new year! ❤️ 

Thank you! And be sure to follow us on social @PLBFun to see what we are up to in 2021. 

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