FREE Printable: Travel themed activity sheets "🚘 Fun in the Car...Our Best Travel Tips! 😊 "

FREE Printable: Travel themed activity sheets "🚘 Fun in the Car...Our Best Travel Tips! 😊 "

With airline travel and vacations limited in 2020, more and more families are going back to the tried and true summer road trip to get away! 

Whether you’re heading up to the mountains, down to the beach, or across the country, traveling in the car with kiddos can be overwhelming for everyone involved. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be!  

Here are our best travel tips for car tripping with your whole family without the stress and chaos... 

✔️ Plan some fun stops. Whether you’re stopping to see the world’s biggest ball of twinethe Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard, or simply at a park to blow bubbles and toss around the frisbee, be sure to include time in your journey to stretch your legs and get the wiggles out. 

✔️ Crank up the music. Nothing says a road trip like rocking out to your favorite tunes. The playlist maybe a little different these days, but you can still sing “Let It Go” at the top of your lungs with the windows down! 

✔️ Don’t skimp on the snacks. Generally, we’re not a fan of food as a distraction, but on a long car trip, bring on the Goldfish crackers, veggie straws or whatever works for your kids! 

✔️ Pack entertainment options in technology and non-technology forms. Again, we’re not usually proponents of plugging into the iPad or endless movies, but road trips call for some extra screen time. However, be sure to mix it up with other car games and arts activities like coloring sheets (check out all of our FREE Printables here!).  

✔️ Bring the books! If your kids are old enough to read in the car (and it doesn’t give them motion sickness), make sure to bring books for them to read in route. You can also download family-friendly audiobooks from places like Audible or check out digital audiobooks or books on CD from your local library. 

Where are you headed this summer and how are you planning to keep your kiddos happy on the way? We’d love to hear your best tips and tricks in the comments! 

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