FREE Printable: Teacher's Day Card and Award Certificate "Where in the 🌎WORLD🌎 would be without TEACHERS?!?"

FREE Printable: Teacher's Day Card and Award Certificate "Where in the 🌎WORLD🌎 would be without TEACHERS?!?"

💗 “It takes a BIG heart to shape LITTLE minds!” 💗 

We all love our kids - naturally.  But, it takes an exceptional person to truly love and care for other people’s children.  

That’s why we are EXTRA thankful for the AMAZING teachers in our kiddos’ lives! 

Teachers don’t just instruct our kids about math, reading, and writing. They also teach them about kindness and patience 

They help them find what they love to do and what makes them special at a young age when their little minds are still being molded daily. 

With World Teachers’ Day coming up, we’ve been brainstorming meaningful things we can do to say, “Thank you!” and let our teachers know we understand how hard they work for our kids. 

Now, we’d LOVE to be able to shower them with elaborate gifts of gratitude, but that’s not always in the budget and honestly, it’s not necessary. Teachers appreciate small, heartfelt acts of recognition and kindness from their students and their families as much or more than the big gifts. 

Here a few ideas we’ve come up with... 

🍎 Send your kiddo’s teacher an email thanking them for a project or lesson that your child was especially excited about. ✉️ 
🍎 When you stop at Starbucks on the way to school drop off, buy a second latte for the teacher. Maybe even throw in a bagel or blueberry muffin. ☕ 
🍎 Buy a box of granola bars or other easy snacks for the teacher to keep behind her desk, so when a kid inevitably forgets their snack, she has something to share besides the food from her own lunch bag. 🥨 
🍎 Pick some fresh flowers on your walk at the park to send with your child tomorrow morning. Add a little ribbon or note to make it extra sweet. 💐 
🍎 Have your child color a picture or write a letter to their teacher. Download this week’s free printables for an easy template.  🖍️ 

To all the ✨PHENOMENAL✨ teachers in our community, thank you so much for all you do you! You mean the 🌎WORLD🌎 to us and our kids! 



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